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How Cayenne Can Improve Sex

Most people know cayenne peppers as hot, incredibly spicy food, but did you know they’re also an ingredient in Rizer XL male enhancement formula?  Cayenne has actually been used as a medicinal herb for years.  It’s traditionally been used to help with stomach aches, gas, and cramping, but it also helps with circulatory issues.  In fact, many people take cayenne to improve blood circulation.  As we all know, improved circulation means more blood gets to the extremities, including the penis.  More blood means a harder, stronger erection.  In many cases, it actually means a slightly longer erection, too, since most people don’t get the maximum amount of blood flow to their erections.

The cayenne pepper has been used in many different countries to spice up food.  It was actually named after the city of Cayenne, which is in French Guiana.  It can be grown in many different climates, and while it was first used in Asian dishes, it is now grown around the world.  Most of the time, we see it in dried or powdered form, but some people do actually eat these peppers raw.  It’s sometimes spread on sandwiches, added as an ingredient in hot sauce, and even used in beverages.

Cayenne pepper is rich in Vitamin A, plus it contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E (which is also included in the Rizer XL formula).  The capsaicin in cayenne peppers acts like an aphrodisiac and is what increases blood flow.  In addition to this, some cultures believe that the cayenne can aid in increasing the libido and can cause the body to produce more of the endorphins that make us feel pleasure and euphoria.

If you love eating hot, spicy foods, why not try a cayenne pepper or two?  You might be surprised to see that they can impact your sex life.  Of course, if you don’t like these hot, spicy little vegetables, you can just take Rizer XL.  It has all of the benefits of cayenne and none of the heat.  Plus, it has many other ingredients that can really improve your sex life.