Sexual Performance

The Orgasm Medicine Cabinet

Though the romantic types will be loath to admit it, the orgasm is often the main part of sex for men. It indicates the end of intercourse and is what they are building to throughout the experience. Much of this is down to pleasure, of course. Recent studies indicated that a brain scan carried out on someone undergoing a heroin trip were identical to scans of someone having an orgasm, such is the comparison in pleasure.

Rizer XL is partly promoted as an aid to great orgasms. The makers acknowledge that the orgasm can make an overall sexual experience positive or negative and have formulated the natural supplement to ensure that orgasms are more powerful and longer, among the many other properties that promote a healthy, enjoyable sex life.

Aside from pleasure, the orgasm can also act as the personal medicine cabinet. The effects that an orgasm has on the body are numerous and exclusively positive. The whole process of sexual intercourse can be a cure for many common ailments, without the need for additional medicines.

  • Headaches are cured faster and more effectively by sex than anything else. The release of endorphins overwhelms the pain centers that give the individual the impression of a headache, instead leading to temporary pain relief.
  • Sex releases IgA, or immunoglobulin A, which works with the body’s immune system to build up resilience to common diseases such as colds or influenza. Higher levels mean higher immunity, and the best way to build such levels is to have frequent sex.
  • Sex also produces prolactin, a hormone that is akin to an antihistamine from the body itself. This hormone blocks out the effects of any allergies or similar difficulties, making sex a bona fide natural treatment for the likes of hay fever or asthma.

The above are some of the simplest, most regular afflictions of the body. Upon feeling the effects, many individuals would simply head to the local pharmacy or straight to the medicine cabinet for some short term relief. However, the effects sex can have on such complaints is just as quick and often much more effective, with the added bonus, of course, of being much more enjoyable. Many individuals will also find that the effects of certain medicines diminish over a short period. However, the way sex affects such problems means that the medicinal properties are always operating at full strength.

It could be well worth considering taking a few medicines out of the cabinet and replacing them with Rizer XL, as a healthy, fun sex life could be much more valuable to everyday health and comfort than any other supplement.