Rizer XL Ingredients

The Secret Powers of Catuaba

Rizer XL has many different ingredients.  These ingredients give you a harder erection, increase your libido, and improve your sexual stamina.  All of these ingredients are completely natural.  These herbs and supplements used in Rizer XL have no side effects, unlike drugs and other products that might have the same end result but also come with many bad side effects.

One of these ingredients is erythroxylum catuaba.  Catuaba is a small tree that grows mainly in the northern part of Brazil; it’s sometimes called chuchuhuasha, pau de reposta, and caramuru.  The tree produces small, yellow and orange flowers and oval-shaped fruit that is a dark yellow colour – the fruit isn’t edible at all.

The indigenous tribes of Brazil, especially those in the Amazon, have used catuaba as a stimulant for central nervous system problems.  Of course, it has also been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac.  Many people have claimed it works wonders for impotency and is a great natural cure for erectile dysfunction.  It also has properties for helping with poor memory, nerve pain, and agitation; it has no side effects at all, even when used over a long period.  Some studies have even showed that catuaba extracts can help kill bacterial infections in mice.  Catuaba extract has also been used in Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola, a British cola that’s pretty popular.

If you’re looking for a way of increasing your sexual libido, increasing the hardness of your erection, and more, pick up Rizer XL.  You’ll be amazed at what catuaba and its other all natural ingredients can do for your love life.