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3 Tips To Giving Your Partner A Orgasm

Did you know that around 70% of women state that their man doesn’t know how to properly give them an orgasm? Surprising right? If that little voice inside your head is

wondering if your woman is in that percentage, then she likely is. You see, most women will fake an orgasm just because they don’t want to hurt their man’s ego, however this has severe consequences in relationships. Women who don’t get the pleasure they deserve and desire will not want sex near as much. On the flip side, women who are given mind blowing orgasms in bed will be begging their man for more each and every day. If you want to improve your sex life, and make her scream your name while she has the best orgasms of her life, then read these three simple, yet life changing tips.

Tip 1 – Foreplay

Because men feel the most pleasure when they are climaxing, they often times want to just rush to the good stuff, however this will cripple them in the long run. If you want your woman to be begging you for sex each night, then you need to master the art of foreplay.

Now, the main thing here is to pleasure and tease. Don’t jump straight to her genitals, instead work your way from head to toes, and then back up leaving her genitals for last. Start with kissing passionately, then begin to move your mouth down her neck and onto her nipples – don’t skip anything in between either. Now, keep going lower down her stomach and right above her clitoris. You can tease her by gently licking her clitoris with your tongue but don’t give in to her desire – make her want it even more by denying her as you continue lower.

Kissing and gently nibbling on the inside of her thighs will also make her quiver with anticipation. Lastly you can use your mouth on the back of her knees and feet provided you don’t have a foot fear and she’s not overly ticklish. These spots are rife with nerve endings which provide powerful sexual sensations when adequately stimulated.

Now work your way back up. Don’t spend too long in one spot as the nerves become desensitized over time. Here you can go down on her and give her cunnilingus, use your fingers – or a combination of both. Whenever you are giving her oral you need to be stimulating her G-spot with your fingers.
After a bit of oral she will likely be breathless already and begging you to penetrate her – now you can give in to both of your desires.

Tip 2 – The Best Positions For Her

During sex there are several positions that will hit her G-spot and make her have an amazing orgasm. If you’ve done the previous step she will likely be screaming your name while you are pounding her in these positions. Since her G-spot is on the front inside of her vaginal opening you need to ensure your penis is pushing against this during sex. Positions that ensure you are stimulating her G-spot are doggy and raised missionary.

Tip 3 – Endurance

Third tip to giving your woman the best orgasms of her life is endurance. The longer you have sex the greater the chance she will reach a mind blowing orgasm.  A women always takes longer than the man to get her pleasure so if having sex for a long time is hard you may be suffering from premature ejaculation.  Premature ejaculation will severely lower your chances of giving her an orgasm so lasting long and having great stamina is crucial when pleasuring your partner.

If you want to give her the sex she’s been craving and also boost your own self-esteem, then use a proven male enhancement supplement.  Male enhancement supplements are spectacular secret bedroom weapons which will help you get fuller harder erections, stop premature ejaculation and give you the stamina to keep going until she gets her satisfaction.

If you want your woman to be craving you all day, to be desiring your body and to be quivering in anticipation as she thinks about you, then you need to make sure you use these three tips to give her the best orgasms of her life over and over and over again. Using key foreplay methods to tease her, essential positions to hit her G-spot, and using your large penis to pleasure her will keep her begging for more.

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