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5 Fast Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Improve your sex life

Male enhancement options are more plentiful now than ever before. In addition to being able to buy everything from vacuum pumps to supplements with the click of a mouse, men can also find a wealth of information, tips, advice and home remedies to help improve and enhance their sexual performance. Some of these devices, supplements and remedies can take awhile before you notice any changes and a few of them are even a bit questionable. But luckily, there are still some tried and true methods for improving your sex life quickly and without the risk some more extreme methods can bring.

Sort Out Your Diet

Improve your sex lifeThe old adage about beauty coming from within is not only true, it’s a scientific fact. Your diet has a direct effect on every aspect of your health … and your sex life. By increasing your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables you can do everything from increase your stamina to attract more women. Pheromone researchers found that the powerful male hormone androsterone is found in celery. They believe that the hormone is released as a pheromone through your sweat after you eat which subconsciously attracts women. A healthier diet can also help with specific sexual performance issues. Men who struggle with a low libido and low or premature ejaculation can get help by upping their serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical produced by the brain which helps in a number of areas, including sex. The chemical process can be given a boost by eating carbohydrates combined with foods containing amino acids.

Expand Your Mind

Don’t forget that your brain is your most valuable asset when it comes to improving your sex life. Hop online to get some advice, tips or inspiration on different sexual positions, approaches to foreplay or even to explore your fantasy life more thoroughly. But don’t limit yourself to an online only search. Sex has been with us literally since the dawn of mankind and generations of days gone by were just as daring and sexually adventurous as we are today. The ‘Kama Sutra’ is perhaps the most famous example of our ancestors showing their freaky side. This ancient Indian text outlines every sexual position known at the time – and updated versions have provided a modern twist. Other sex manuals have been produced from every age and each one offers its own twist on lovemaking. There are now general sex manuals like ‘The Joy of Sex’ and more fetish specific titles such as ‘The Domination Manual’ and even ‘Sex in Space’. No matter what kind of sexual adventure you’re considering, hit the books before you hit the sheets. This is one time where doing your homework will definitely pay off big.

Get Limber!

As you’re getting ready to start having more fun in bed, you’ll want to make sure your body can handle it. Forget strength training for awhile and get back in touch with your body by simply stretching regularly. Start your day by touching your toes 10 times – sounds crazy simple but just wait and see how you feel the first day and then just a week later. Starting your day with this super simple stretch can help blood flow, encourage a better mood and set the stage for you to get more limber. Follow it up with regular bouts of yoga or other activity which encourages flexibility. As an added bonus, these kinds of activities will also boost your stamina.

Talk Dirty

You can spend all the time, energy and money in the world chasing down every male enhancement product on the market but if you’re not talking to your partner it could all be for nothing. Talking openly about your sex life, your fantasies and what you want can be awkward for some people at first. If you’re having a hard time opening up about what goes on in the bedroom, arrange for a romantic night out, lower the lights, burn some candles and open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving. Create a relaxed, safe and inviting environment and then take the plunge and find out what each of you really wants in bed. What you find out just might surprise you.

Make the Time

For those in a relationship, making time for sex can become the real challenge to overcome. Don’t assume that time for sex will just magically appear on your schedule. Chances are that if you’ve been with your partner for a few years – and especially if you have children or an active social life – sex gets pushed to the back burner even for couples still very much into one another. Carve time out for sex in the bedroom and your entire relationship will improve.