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5 Penis Facts Your Probably Didn’t Know

5 facts

The human body is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Although we like to think we know just about everything there is to know about ourselves, many times we fall short. Understanding our bodies better doesn’t just fill our natural hunger for curiosity, it can actually help us to take better care of ourselves. Here we’ve rounded up 5 fun facts about the penis that will probably surprise you and can definitely help you find ways to improve your sex life.

5 facts

5. The Traditional Average Size, Isn’t Average.

For years men – and women – thought the average penis size was about 6.5 to 7 inches when erect. This supposed ‘fact’ was passed around through magazine articles and even medical textbooks. Man men engaged in a variety of penis enlargement methods thinking they were falling incredibly short. In reality, the average penis size is closer to 5.5 inches when erect, so where did this other ‘average’ come from? When researchers originally approached men for sexuality studies, they simply asked guys to note the length and girth of their penis on their own. Having the men self-report these details instead of having the measurements done by a researcher led to generations of men thinking they were far from ideal.

4. Size DOES Matter

Most people know the old saying ‘It’s not the size of the waves, it’s the motion of the ocean’. This go to bit of advice has been given to many men who feel as though they need a larger penis in order to please their partner. Technique is important but a variety of recent studies have revealed that size matters as well. While women don’t necessarily automatically go to the guy with the largest package, they are markedly more attracted to men who have a penis size that is proportionate to their overall body size. For men who work out, pumping iron to build your muscles may help, but be sure you’re following up with some sort of penis enlargement regimen in order to keep things proportionate.

3. Viagra Isn’t New

When Viagra first burst onto the scene in 1998, it was heralded as a breakthrough treatment for erectile dysfunction. Many people thought nothing like it had ever been seen before and it has, in many ways, transformed the landscape of male sexual health as well as becoming a part of pop culture. Viagra may have ,made headlines, but men have been finding ways to achieve stronger, harder and longer lasting erections since the beginning of recorded history. Over the years men have used a variety of methods to enhance their erection including special diets, piercing themselves with nettles, being purposely stung by bees and clamping the base of the penis. Given the extremes men have been willing to go to in order to please their partner, it’s no wonder that the advent of a simple pill was met with such enthusiasm.

2. Penis Enlargement Can Work Effectively

The world of male sexual enhancement products is, like any sex based industry, one that doesn’t receive a lot of attention by most people. Recently, that has been changing as more and more researchers are beginning to find links between a happy sex life and better overall health. Over the past few years a handful of studies have been conducted regarding the efficacy of penis enlargement methods. As of 2014, a number of researchers have found evidence that penile traction can help men can length when used over time. Research continues into the overall effectiveness and best ways to use other penis enlargement methods. This research has been able to help men find products that work and has also given the industry new data to use in the development of even better enlargement products.

5. Gaining Size Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

When men choose to undergo some form of penis enlargement, they know they’ll gain either length or girth. What many men don’t realize, however, is that they will also gain self-confidence. Just as a person who loses weight or tones up will improve their posture, walk with confidence and become more likely to engage with others, men who use enlargement devices find they have greater confidence in and out of the bedroom. This confidence can lead to better connections with potential partners as well as being more likely to experiment, try new things and keep things spicy for those who already have a long term partner.