Harder Erections

5 Simple Steps to Harder Erections

5 Simple Steps to Harder Erections

Performing better in bed isn’t always about penis size – lots of times it’s about how hard you can get and how long you can stay that way. Some supplements promise to deliver harder erections but plenty of men aren’t too 5 Simple Steps to Harder Erectionssure about taking extra pills. Luckily, there are some natural steps you can take to help give you harder erections without drugs.

Kick the Smoking Habit

If you smoke and nothing has given you the motivation you need to quit, then consider what it’s doing to your penis. Smoking constricts blood vessels – including the ones down below. Over time, this constant constriction can make it harder to the blood vessels to properly fill and, in the case of those located in your groin, that means a penis that isn’t able to stretch. The end result – weaker erections that don’t last as long. Luckily, even switching to a vapor cigarette system can help begin to solve this problem so even men who want to wean themselves off nicotine can see benefits I the bedroom to keep them motivated.

Get That Monkey Off Your Back

Erectile dysfunction as a result of guilt is so common that doctors often ask their patients about extracurricular affairs before they even begin delving into other medical costs of performance problems. Whether you’re carrying guilt for an affair or just having problems in your relationship, addressing them head on could be the cure you’re looking for in terms of better performance between the sheets. Whether your problem is something you need to deal with on your own, or a problem with your relationship – getting the mental, emotional or spiritual help you need can have amazing effects on your performance in the bedroom.

Watch Your Diet

No Happy Meal in the world can match the benefits of a healthy diet. Hitting the drive-thru burger joints may be a great way to get a quick bite, but it’s also making it more difficult for you to perform well behind the bedroom door. Skip the fat, grease and salt and opt instead for healthy alternatives. A healthier diet will give you a boost with your performance and it will also help you last longer, feel better and even achieve better,m more quality orgasms. So skip the fries, pass on the double-bacon cheeseburgers and opt instead for grilled turkey or fish or a veggie wrap. If you find it difficult at first just keep in mind that this ‘rabbit food’ is what can land you steamy nights with the ‘ski bunnies’.

Get Off the Couch

Exercise is another easy way to help you achieve harder, stronger and more long lasting erections – not to mention mind blowing orgasms. Exercising gets your blood moving, which has obvious effects on an organ like the penis, and it also releases all kinds of natural feel good chemical like dopamine. You don’t need to adopt a whole intense workout routine either. One study found that men who walked even just 2 miles a day had 50% less erectile dysfunction problems than those who didn’t. Getting into a regular workout routine also helps muscle tone and definition which, of course, just makes you look more attractive. Over time, working out can make you last longer and can help you be more limber which gives you a leg up, so to speak when it comes to trying new positions.

Engage Your Mind

When you’re in bed with your partner, stay focused. For men, it’s easy to get swept up in the physical sensations – and that’s why some men end up having a hard time keeping an erection. It’s fine to focus on how good everything feels, but be sure you’re keeping your brain in the game as well. Women respond to more than just physical stimulation, engaging her mind will keep her eager, interest and involved – a good combination for you as well.

These simple steps can help you achieve harder erections, longer lasting performance and better orgasms. As a side benefit, each one of them also promotes a generally healthier lifestyle and can help foster more emotionally and physically healthy relationships. Don’t worry if the results aren’t immediate – but stick with these five simple steps and you’ll be burning through the sheets in no-time.