Increase Libido

5 Surprising Ways to Enhance Your Libido

Hold Hands

Sexual performance is one thing, but libido is quite another.  Performance often comes down to physical fitness.  A body in shape, which gets regular exercise and is fuelled by the right foods, will perform well.  More often than note, problems with performance can be traced back to a poor diet, not enough exercise, too much stress or other problem rooted in a man’s Couplelifestyle.  Sexual desire, or libido, on the other hand, can be more difficult to treat.  Although it’s true that a healthy lifestyle is more supportive of a healthy libido, sometimes you need a bit of an extra boost.  Here we’ve rounded up 5 unique ways you can increase libido even if you already follow a libido friendly lifestyle.

1.  Get Scared

If you’re looking for a rush, you’ll need to get that adrenaline going.  Everyone knows that watching a scary movie can bring a couple closer together, though few people understand why.  That shock of fear sends a surge of adrenaline through your system.  That surge of adrenaline gets your heart racing, speeds up your breathing and puts your nervous system into overdrive.  According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that both men and women found their partner more attractive after watching a scary film, engaging in a new sport or undertaking a similar activity designed to elicit a reaction of fear or excitement.

2.  Choose Red

If you’re out on the town or cozied up with a romantic dinner for two, forget the champagne and opt instead for a class of deep, red wine.  Red wine is chock full of polyphenois, an antioxidant which promotes blood flow to a person’s erogenous zones.  Researchers have found that women who have a glass of red wine experience a spike in sexual arousal and vaginal lubrication and the phenomena is thought to happen in men as well, encouraging stronger, harder and longer lasting erections.

3.  Get Your Ohm On

People who want to limber up for some new sex positions often take up yoga as a way to stretch their muscles, increase flexibility and help stamina and strength.  Researchers have recently found that yoga may also help to increase libido in both men and women.  But the benefits don’t end there.  Current research has found evidence to support the idea that yoga may also result in more powerful orgasms as regular practice increases and improves blood flow throughout the body, including the genital area.  The end result may be an increase in stamina and a more powerful finish in addition to its other healthy benefits.

4.  Hold Hands

Hold HandsHolding hands may seem a bit old fashioned at first but touching your partner spontaneously triggers the release of oxytocin, the body’s very own feel good chemical.  Spontaneity is the key, however, so grab your partner’s hand, give them a squeeze or simply reach out and touch them as a spur of the moment gesture.  Regular play this way can become a type of extended foreplay, working to increase libido in the long term while you stoke the fires for some fun in the short term.

5.  Be Nice to Yourself

Want a sure-fire way to increase libido and feel good about yourself?  Indulge in something you love.  Self-esteem is directly tied to sexual performance since your self-esteem makes up a large part of your mental well being.  Spend a day spoiling yourself rotten with some time alone, going for a hike, working out or engaging in any activity that lets you blow off some steam and which you genuinely enjoy.  You’ll reap the benefits of time well spent, a renewed sense of self and a revved up sex drive.

There are a number of ways men can increase libido and enhance their sexual performance.  Keeping fit, eating healthy and controlling stress are all common advice, but these five libido boosters can give you a boost above and beyond the norm.  An increased libido can improve your sex life and even help to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your partner.  Use these boosts to improve your life, your relationship and your happiness.