5 Virility Myths Examined


Virility is much discussed but often not fully understood. The concept of virility has to do with sexual performance both in terms of technique but also how potent and fertile a man Mythsis. Since virility itself is a broad term, many myths have cropped up regarding its connection to penis size and different – sometimes strange – things that can affect it. Here we’ve rounded up five of the most common myths to examine more closely.

1. Virility is Connected to Size

Size often comes up when discussing various issues of sexuality, and virility is no different. The concept that the size of a man’s penis is directly related to his virility or libido is one of the most enduring – and unfounded – myths in the world. A man doesn’t need to change the shape of his penis to increase libido or enhance his virility. While increasing size may help boost a man’s sexual self-esteem, it won’t necessarily do anything to improve his abilities between the sheets. In fact, many men initially buy penis extenders or pups in an attempt to improve their sexual performance only to find that what they really need is a way to increase libido, strength and stamina.

2. Your Biggest Sex Organ Isn’t Below the Belt

Although the concept of the brain being a sex organ is often treated a a pop culture myth, it’s one of the few true-isms that has stood the test of time. Sex is about your physical body as well as your mental power. A good sex life begins with imagination and creativity which you then use your body to carry out – it’s that simple. Virility is just as much about what you can imagine doing and the positions you can invent as it is about your physical strength or longevity.

3. Oysters Increase Your Libido

Foods that increase libido have been the focus of several different diets and sexual health programs. Foods that enhance sexual performance are nothing new, and oysters are one of the most well known and most often referred to options. Often considered nothing more than an urban legend, the truth is that there’s science behind this myth. Oysters offer one of the highest concentrations of dietary zinc, which helps to improve circulation and boost testosterone production which can increase libido and provide a boost of strength and stamina.

4. Black Pepper Saps Virility

The idea that black pepper can inhibit virility or negative affect a man’s sexual performance comes, in part, from its use as a natural insecticide. The connection between killing the natural virility of plants translated to it being avoided for human virility as well. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this and black pepper extracts have recently begun to crop up in herbal supplements which aim to increase libido and virility. Several of these supplements have conducting clinical testing and others offer sound scientific evidence in support of their herbal mixtures. Clearly, the debate about whether or not black pepper and its extract help or hurt virility continues to be debated. For now, the truth about this myth continues to be somewhat murky but now that black pepper extracts have come to the attention of the male enhancement industry, it’s a subject that will surely receive much closer examination.

5. Use It or Lose It … Forever

Male virility can be difficult to define and harder to pin down. But that sense of a high libido and the energy to match it is one that must be fostered and cared for if it is to be maintained in the long term. It’s true that virility and libido, like physical fitness, must be used in order to remain at healthy standards. But while not using it often enough can diminish your virility, that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Virility is, in many ways, a reflection of the overall health of a person. Improving your diet, increasing exercise and caring for your physical and mental health can all help increase your libido and improve virility at any age.

Misunderstandings and misconceptions about virility have plagued generations of men. While some of these myths or murky truths do have some substance to them, understanding the science behind it can help men understand how the health of their body and their mind both contribute to their sexual performance.