Increase Libido

7 Natural Ways to Increase Libido

Increase Libido

Concerns over a decreasing libido is a common complaint for men – and women – from every walk of life. Pharmaceutical science constantly strives to find new ways to chemically enhance libido and sex drive, but often these so-called miracle cures come with nasty side effects or the potential for dangerous interaction with other medications. Here we’ve rounded up 7 all natural ways you can increase libido without worry.

Get Moving!

Increase LibidoExercise is perhaps the most significant step you can take in boosting your libido. Engaging is as little as 20 minutes of activity a day can help boost your metabolism, your libido and your mood. Taking a walk around the block can help clear your mind, lowers stress and gets your juices flowing – in more ways than one. The best part is that engaging in even a small amount of activity encourage you to continue and can become the foundation for a healthier lifestyle and better performance in bed.

Spice Things Up

Including basil and garlic can both help with your libido. Research has found the smell of basic can stimulate your sense and garlic contains allicin, which also boosts your sex drive. Allicin also offers a boost to blood for, making it helpful as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction as well as a general libido lifter.

Put Yourself First

How you feel about yourself and your general sense of self-esteem plays a critical role in your sexual performance. If you’re struggling with some aspect of your self esteem, tackling it head on may be the most effective way to increase libido. Whether your concerns are about physical fitness or emotional well being, investing in the professional help you need to resolve the issue can easily help to boost your sex drive. So if you’ve been wanting to join a gym, enroll in that night class or simply jump into a hobby or interest you’ve been considering, go for it!

Examine Your Vices

If you smoke or drink, it may be time to kick the habit. Kicking the smoking habit can give you a boost in terms of blood flow, respiratory health and the health of your major organs. Cutting back on drinking also helps reduce bloat, fatigue and depression. If you smoke, you can switch to e-cigarettes which offer you the change to gradually cut down on nicotine while completely eliminating smoke. For drinkers looking to cut back, skip the bloating beer and mixed drinks for neat liquors. Men look better with a glass of Scotch anyway.

Watch What You Eat

Some foods – mainly fresh, raw fruits and vegetables – can give you a boost in the bedroom while others sap your energy, pack on the pounds and leave you feeling like all you want to do is sleep. Avoid highly processed foods or anything high in fat and sodium. This doesn’t mean you have to live on salads, however. Swapping out pasta for spaghetti squash or opting for pomegranate or blackberries on your morning cereal can make a huge difference without making you feel as though you’re living on rabbit food.

Get Hands On

Giving and receiving a massage is a surefire way to increase libido and connect with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you’re doing – simply running your hands over each other’s bodies and working out those muscle kinks can lead to heightened sexual arousal and, of course, more intimate foreplay. If the massage doesn’t lead to sex, don’t worry about it – simply engaging in this kind of activity strengthens your emotional bond which, in turn, makes that physical connection a lot more intense as well.

Dump the Stress

Stress is the ultimate libido killer. Getting rid of stress is easier said than done but it’s all about finding just the right outlet. For some, deep breathing, yoga and meditation are their surefire ways to rid themselves of stress and, as a bonus, yoga also helps with flexibility. But for others, all that is a bit slow and blowing off steam is more about boxing, weight lifting, running or engaging in some other high impact activity. Find what works for you and once you’ve stumbled upon the best way for you to lower your stress, you’ll find it immediately helps to increase libido, sex drive and even your stamina.