Increase Libido

The 7 Things You Do Every Day That Could Be Sapping Your Libido

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Everyone wants to have a healthy sex drive. There are a number of supplements which promise to give you a boost and a number of aphrodisiacs which can also help. But in order to keep that motor running at its prime, you really need to care for it every day. We’ve rounded up the 7 daily habits people pick up which can lead to a diminished sex drive and sub-par sexual performance.

1. Waking Up Late

Waking up lateThe alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button and … suddenly you’re running twenty minutes late. You jump out of bed, throw on some clothes and rush through the house trying to get out the door and on your way to work. Rushing around like this first thing in the morning means your entire day gets off on the wrong foot. The surge of stress as soon as you wake up means you don’t have time to wake up properly or prepare for the day ahead. You spend the rest of your morning trying to recover, but the added stress load drains your energy reserves.

2. Skipping Breakfast

Part of being in a rush usually means either grabbing coffee and a doughnut for breakfast or skipping it entirely. The old Wives Tale is true, though, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Fuelling up with fruits, oatmeal, whole grains and other vitamin-packed breakfast options can give you a boost of energy for the morning and supply your body with the energy it needs to perform and focus. Starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast will improve the flow of your day and has been shown to increase libido, especially if you enjoy the occasional ‘nooner’!

3. Chaining Yourself to Your Desk

It can be hard to mix things up at work. Working in an office often means that you spend most, if not all, of your day sitting down at a desk. Prolonged sitting can encourage a more sedentary lifestyle at work and at home, so break the routine and get those muscles moving. Once an hour make a trip to somewhere else in the office. Walk to the copier machine farther away, walk down to your car and back again, hit up the water cooler over in Accounting. It doesn’t even matter what you do, just do something that gets you moving for 5 or 10 minutes.

4. Speed Eating Lunch (or Dinner)

Speed EatingYou’ve already rushed through breakfast and chances are you didn’t have time to pack a good lunch or to make a healthy dinner. Rushing through the major meals of the day and relying on take away food, drive through restaurants or packaged meals means you’re probably getting more sugar, fat and salt than you need. All that processed food leads to serious problems like obesity, diabetes and even gout but, in the short term, it’s also sapping your sex drive.

5. Bolt, Crash and Burn

The afternoon often brings with it a slump in energy. Lots of people use energy drinks, sugary snacks or caffeine to provide a burst of energy. While those may work in the short term, they often lead to a crash a few hours later. When you feel that afternoon slump approaching, head outside to walk around the building or grab a healthy snack that provides a boost without all the refined sugars. Swapping out the afternoon soda and candy bar will help trim your waist line and increase libido.

6. Vegging Out in Front of the TV

Even if you’ve spent most of your day at your desk, you can still be exhausted when you get home. Slumping down in front of the TV may be tempting, but head outside instead. Being outside promotes Vitamin D production in your body, boosts energy levels and has been proven to help effectively treat depression.

7. Getting Into a Romantic Rut

Fighting coupleThe biggest threat to your sex life is The Rut. If you feel yourself losing interest, the best way to really increase libido is to recapture those early romantic feelings. Plan a date night, invest in some adult toys and surprise your partner with a sexy weekend of fun. Even planning this type of Sexy Surprise can increase libido as your brain gets involved with the planning, preparations and coming up with fun things to do.