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Aphrodisiacs For Men? Really?

Ever since the dawn of creation, humankind has been dabbling in the area of aphrodisiacs. Then again, perhaps “dabbling” is not the right word. We may dabble in the 21st century but there are some ancient cultures known to have fully embraced the idea of aphrodisiacs and all the benefits they provide.

For example, do you remember the Aztecs and their obsession with chocolate? They developed a bitter chocolate beverage known as xocolātl; something they consumed on a daily basis both for religious purposes and for chocolate’s aphrodisiac qualities.

Even today chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac of sorts; that’s why we give it as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, many people today approach the idea of aphrodisiacs with a sort of tongue-in-cheek attitude that they may not be real. Despite centuries of use it seems as though more people than ever are skeptical about aphrodisiacs today. That’s truly unfortunate, because they are real and effective.

What is an Aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiac for menIf you’re not quite sure what an aphrodisiac is and what it does, it helps to know the etymology of the word. “Aphrodisiac” comes from the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite; the goddess of love and sexuality. Like most ancient religions, the worship of Aphrodite included ritual sex as a means of both spiritual fulfillment and procreation designed to increase the number of worshipers. Different foods and drinks were used to increase sexual arousal, making worship much more pleasurable.

However, aphrodisiacs did not get their start with Aphrodite and that form of religious worship. Going all the way back to the ancient religious practices of Babylon and beyond, aphrodisiacs have been part of ancient cultures since the beginning of time.

The Aphrodisiac Argument

The argument over aphrodisiacs for men in modern Western culture comes from the question of whether or not the perceived benefits are real or just the result of the placebo effect. In other words, do certain foods and beverages stimulate sexual arousal through a chemical reaction within the body, or is it just the mere thought of a sexual encounter that achieves the goal? The answer is a seemingly simple one if we just consider the role of testosterone in male sexual arousal and performance.

It’s already been established that testosterone plays an important role not only in men’s health, but also their levels of sexual arousal and overall sexual performance. If greater amounts of testosterone increase arousal anything that could encourage testosterone production would seem to also encourage arousal. Thus, any such substance would be correctly labeled an aphrodisiac.

Roll of the Central Nervous System

Another thing to consider in terms of aphrodisiac effectiveness is the central nervous system. Remember that drug and alcohol use tend to reduce sensory perceptions, thus making it much more difficult to become sexually aroused when one is under the influence. If that’s true, and we know that it is, being able to enhance sensory perception would seem to increase the ability for sexual arousal. That’s why male enhancement formulas like Rizer XL include ingredients like oat straw.

Oat straw is just one of several herbal substances that increase tactile sensations by stimulating the central nervous system. When tactile sensation is increased it becomes much easier for a man to become sexually aroused. When the central nervous system is at its peak a man can be aroused by a mere touch on the side of the arm or a gentle embrace. Thus, any substance that stimulates the central nervous system to the point of increasing sexual arousal could be construed as an aphrodisiac.

Visual Aphrodisiacs

Visual AphrodisiacsWe don’t want to completely discount the placebo effect given the fact that men are incredibly visual. For example, just looking at a photograph of a pizza or a steak can induce hunger rather easily. Take a look at the picture of the left for example, if you’re anything like me, this point will be obvious.

It’s the result of the mind remembering how pleasurable those foods are and triggering certain chemical reactions in the brain that cause hunger. If visual stimulation can be used to instigate hunger, there’s no reason why it can’t be used to encourage sexual desire.

In fact, that’s already been proven to be the case. Men who watch explicit films tend to be more easily aroused at any given time than those who don’t. At the same time, it’s possible for men to look at certain foods and become aroused if those foods are associated in their minds with sexual activity.

At the end of the day practical experience and centuries of history clearly demonstrate that aphrodisiacs are real and effective. The fact that Western science has not reached the same conclusion doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not so.

Men suffering from reduced libido can help their situations by looking into certain aphrodisiacs and taking a daily male enhancement supplement. A supplement like Rizer XL is a great option because it includes ingredients that act both as aphrodisiacs and hormone balancers. The combination of the two goes a long way to restoring male libido and increasing sexual performance.