Sex Tips

Boost Your Confidence and Hers

If you survey a large number of women, one of the things you’ll hear them say again and again is that in the bedroom, confidence is often more sexy than how someone’s body actually looks.  Now, sure, if you’re horribly overweight or way out of shape, all the confidence in the world isn’t going to make you look like a stud.  But confidence and Boost Your Confidence and Hersattitude can make women look beyond a lot of those little flaws like love handles and make sex that much better.  That’s because men who aren’t timid or hesitant seem like they know just what they’re doing, and that often makes up for a lot.

For example, if you go into sex feeling insecure and thinking that she’s going to laugh at how you look, you’re going to project those feelings and insecurities.  She’s going to pick up on them, and she’s going to start wondering why you’re so nervous.  Then she’s going to start critically looking for these flaws that have you so worked up, and she’s going to see them.  On the other hand, if you come in secure in the fact that you’re going to show her a good time, she’s going to focus on that and probably won’t look too hard at that bit of extra weight around your midsection or notice where your hair is beginning to thin out.

Being confident also helps you enjoy sex more.  If you force yourself to focus on her and on pleasuring her, not on what you think is wrong with you, you’ll be able to get lost in the moment and not constantly be thinking about your flaws.  But that’s easier said than done, of course.  How can you gain this confidence?

One way is by using a male enhancement like Rizer XL.  Rizer XL uses a blend of all natural herbs and supplements to give you more stamina, help you last longer, make your erection harder, and make you ejaculate more.  With all of that, who wouldn’t feel more confident?  Rizer XL isn’t like using one of those prescription drugs.  You don’t need to plan to have sex at a certain time and then make sure you take your pill.  Instead, Rizer XL is a supplement you take daily.  It doesn’t give you an erection all the time.  It just helps make sure you can get one and that it will be rock hard.