Increase Libido

Boost Your Libido with Exercise

In America we’ve become a society that is less physically active as time passes by. A lack of regular physical exercise is having a drastic effect on our cumulative health, contributing to everything from diabetes to heart disease. And in fact, a lack of physical exercise is also harmful to the libido. Several studies suggest a link between increased daily physical activity and the sex drive in both men and women. The principle seems easy enough to understand, but we’ll explain some of the nuances here.

First of all, by regular exercise we don’t mean you need to be in the gym pumping iron and grunting for 60 minutes every day. Regular exercise can range in intensity and be as little as 20 minutes per day. Even minimal exercise like walking or riding a bike to work will do wonders for your libido and overall health.

How Exercise Helps

Exercise is helpful in so many areas it’s hard to count them all. In terms of the general health benefits, regular exercise:

  • Increases cardiovascular efficiency
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Helps control weight gain

Exercise boosts libidoJust for the general health benefits alone exercise is something that all of us could use more of. Without exercise it becomes very easy for our bodies to break down, become diseased, and just have to work harder to maintain normal activity.

Moving beyond general health into male sexual health exercise offers the following benefits:

  • Testosterone Production – Research has shown that exercise results in increased testosterone production. Short, but powerful, bursts of testosterone have been measured at the beginning of an exercise regimen and then again in the minutes just following its completion. As we all know, testosterone is one of the more important components of a healthy male libido. Though elevated testosterone levels don’t last throughout the day, the daily spikes exercise offers do have a decided effect on libido.
  • Endorphin Release – A well respected 2008 study revealed that certain endorphins are released into specific parts of the brain during, and immediately after, exercise. These endorphins do two things in relation to the male sex drive. First of all, they stimulate the production of a handful of other hormones widely believed to be responsible for increasing libido and making it easier for men to become aroused. Second, endorphins are well known stress relievers. Since the stress is one of the major enemies of libido, reducing it is helpful.

Types of Exercises Useful for Libido

Just about any exercise that gets you up off the couch and breathing will have a will be good for your libido. A lot of older men choose to start out with some casual walking, just to get into the routine of moving. When they can walk a couple of miles without stress they start transitioning to a power walk. You can do this at your local mall, around your neighborhood, or on the treadmill. As an added benefit, its low impact nature makes walking easy to do for just about anyone.

Younger and middle-age men who want to bulk up at the same time can choose a combination of weightlifting and cardio exercise. Weightlifting is one of the best ways to boost testosterone levels, control metabolism, and increase energy levels. Cardio exercise focuses on working the heart, thereby building endurance. A combination of the two, as recommended by a trainer, seems to work well in most cases.

There are other things you can do if walking and weightlifting don’t appeal to you. Doctors suggest you might try:

  • Swimming
  • Golf (walking, no cart)
  • Biking, mountain biking
  • Dance (this is especially good for couples on many levels)
  • Tennis, squash, racquetball
  • Yoga

Boost your Libido

Everything in Moderation

Though exercise is great for our health experts do offer one caution: do everything in moderation. One of the reasons people tend to suffer from sexual dysfunction is obsessive-compulsive behavior. In other words, when someone becomes so obsessed with particular object or activity his mind is distracted from most other things. The excessive compulsive person is often sexually dysfunctional for this very reason. It’s hard to relax and enjoy sexual relations when you are compulsively obsessed with something else.

The danger with exercise is that the endorphins it produces can cause compulsive behavior in people who might already be prone to it. So limit your exercise by deciding ahead of time on a prearranged schedule. If you find yourself craving exercise above and beyond the schedule you probably need to scale back to avoid compulsion. As long as exercise is in moderation you’ll notice an improvement in your overall health and your libido.

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