Erectile Dysfunction

Common Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction comes in many different forms and affects men of all ages.  It can happen at any point in a grown man’s life and will severally lower one’s self esteem

and confidence.  Virility is a sign of one’s manliness and once taken away can have negative repercussions throughout one’s life.  Because erectile dysfunction affects men in different ways sometimes the milder cases are often overlooked.  If not treated early, these issues will begin to snowball creating future havoc in a once healthy and happy relationship.  If you are unsure if you are the victim of erectile dysfunction you may want to consider if the following points affects you:

You Find It Difficult To Get an Erection

Have you ever been aroused with your significant other, excited to be intimate and only to find in the heat of the moment you can’t get an erection?  Having the desire for sex but having your body not respond when called upon is the most tell tale sign of erectile dysfunction.  Healthy males from 18-65 should have no problems getting an erection when needed and if you find yourself in this category, you most certainly are a victim of erectile dysfunction.

Do You Lose Your Erection during Intercourse

A man cannot keep an erection indefinitely.  That is to say, if you stop having sex before you reach an orgasm, the body and mind is programmed to lower your arousal state and allow your erection to subside.  However, in some cases, men who do suffer from erectile dysfunction will lose an erection during intercourse.  This is one of the most embarrassing situations to be in and the loss of an erection during intercourse is not typical.  Once again, you may desire to keep going but your body is showing otherwise.

You Lack the Desire for Sex

The male libido is legendary and pretty much has been generally summed up with the saying all men are pigs.  A healthy and mature man thinks about sex typically 10 times an hour and contrary to how women might feel about it, it is perfectly normal to fantasize regularly throughout the day.  If you are healthy man you should typically desire sex on a regular basis, it’s been programmed to be in our nature.  A lowered libido is perhaps a sign of depression, stress or resentment towards your partner but regardless of the cause, it also is a form of erectile dysfunction and cannot even be related to anything negative.

You Orgasm To Quickly

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man is fully erect, finds himself in a sexual situation and ejaculates before intercourse or minutes shortly after.  There are many reasons for premature ejaculation such as inexperience, stress, anxiety etc but experiencing this phenomenon is another form of erectile dysfunction.

Soft Erections

Do you find when having sex your penis is not as hard as it once was, or even the day before?  A soft erection can make sexual intercourse difficult and less enjoyable to your partner as they are not getting the full affects on the receiving end.  Not to mention the embarrassment as it reflects directly on your feelings towards your partner, a soft erection is a form of erectile dysfunction that most men dread as they age.  Getting a soft erection once and awhile is nothing to be concerned about but not getting your maximum erection the majority of the time is cause for concern.

Not Getting an Orgasm At All

When a man has sex he statistically can reach an orgasm 99% of the time. If you find you are not reaching your climax on a regular basis you are also suffering from another form of erectile dysfunction.  This issue has many causes and is not limited to older men.

The listed forms of erectile dysfunction are some of the more common issues plaguing men worldwide.  Although erectile dysfunction is not life threatening, it can be debilitating to everyday routines and feelings. Fortunately, you are not alone and there is help.  Thankfully relief comes from many different options from visiting your doctor who will prescribe pharmaceutical medicine, counselling through therapist and even very successful all natural over the counter supplements that can be purchased online or in stores.  If you feel you are exhibiting symptoms of erectile dysfunction you may want to seek out a solution before they get worse.

If you would like more information on male enhancement pills or to treat premature ejaculation please visit or call toll free 1-888-800-6987 in the USA and Canada, 808-101-3447 in the UK or 02-9037-2996 in Australia to speak with a live specialist.