Stop Premature Ejaculation

Dealing with Premature Ejaculation Anxiety

A number of articles on this blog have mentioned premature ejaculation; what it is, and ways of handling it.  While premature ejaculation happens to all men, it’s not normal if it happens all the time.  The problem, though, is dealing with the feelings and mental state that your first premature ejaculation can cause.

Premature ejaculation can lead to performance anxiety.  After it happens once, you might start worrying that it will happen again.  So the next time you have sex, guess what’s on your mind?  Not making your partner feel good!  Instead, all you can think about is what happened last time, and will it happen again?  You might be so preoccupied that you even find it hard to get an erection.

If you do get an erection and begin having sex with your partner, premature ejaculation is still on your mind.  This leads to another problem: studies have shown that anxiety is one cause of premature ejaculation.  This means if it’s happened once and it’s on your mind next time you have sex, there’s a higher chance that the anxiety and worry will cause you to ejaculate early again!  It can become a never-ending cycle.

Dealing with the anxiety of premature ejaculation is difficult, but it can be done.  Think through why you may have ejaculated early.  Was it your first time having sex?  Was it the first time you’ve had sex with that particular partner, or was it a particularly special time?  All of these moments can make you more excited, which can lead to premature ejaculation.  The next time you have sex may be more normal, so you may not have any problems.

One thing you can do to help build up your confidence and treat a recurring premature ejaculation problem is take Rizer XL.  This pill gives men more endurance and sexual stamina, allowing you to last much longer.  After a few months, once your body has adjusted and you no longer fear ejaculating early, you may no longer even need the pills.