Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing with Uneven Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a very important role in a man’s life.  It is the main male sex hormone and is responsible for the development of tissues

in the testis and prostate, contributes to the growth of body hair, and more.  Most men have no idea what their testosterone levels are, and unless there is a problem, doctors may never test it.  However, there are some symptoms that can indicate a low or uneven testosterone level.

These symptoms are, unfortunately, also signs of many other issues.  They include things like weight loss, fatigue, muscle loss, being depressed, and erectile dysfunction.  Usually, the first four signs are ignored or blamed on something else.  Men rarely go to the doctor because they’re feeling tired or depressed.  However, if a man has dealt with erectile dysfunction, he may seek a doctor’s opinion.

If the doctor determines that your testosterone levels are too low or are often uneven, there are a number of different treatments to correct this imbalance.  One or more injections of testosterone can be administered by a doctor.  The downside here is that these injections cause your testosterone level to spike then slowly decrease until the next injection.  This results in a wildly fluctuating testosterone level that can cause problems on its own.

Other options include gels and patches that allow the body to absorb testosterone through the skin.  These methods are easier to do since they do not require a doctor, plus they allow the body to get a consistent level of testosterone.  The downside, however, is that both the gels and patches are expensive.

Note that if you have HIV, it may be very difficult to tell if you have low testosterone levels naturally or it’s low because of the illness.  Almost half of all men with HIV have low testosterone levels.

Even if you get treated for low testosterone, there’s still a chance you will have to deal with erectile dysfunction every now and then, especially if you’re taking injections and it has been a while since your last one.  Men with low testosterone often seek out a male enhancement supplement like Rizer XL.  This pill helps increase the flow of blood to the penis, allowing it to get harder.  It’s an all-natural way of battling erectile dysfunction.  While some may immediately compare it to Viagra, it’s important to note that Rizer XL is a herbal alternative to Viagra and is made from natural ingredients.