Difference between a male enhancement pill and penis enlargement pill

People often call us and ask us if Rizer XL is a penis enlargement pill. The answer is a little confusing. First off, I would like to say that there is no such thing as a pill

that will permanently enlarge your penis. Rizer XL is primarily a male enhancement pill. In other words, it is formulated to dramatically enhance your sexual performance. Will it increase your penis size? Yes. Will your penis be permanently enlarged? No.

Is it possible to permanently enlarge your penis using penis enlargement pills?

Nope. For permanent penis enlargement you have two options: Surgery or a penis extender. Plain and simple.

So what does Rizer XL do?

Rizer XL is a once a day, 100% herbal male enhancement supplement. Through a unique blend of herbal ingredients, it is proven to increase your erection size and generate rock hard erections, it is also proven to treat premature ejaculation. Increases in sexual stamina and endurance are also common. Rizer XL will also increase your ejaculate amount and enhance your libido. Lastly, Rizer XL is a herbal alternative to Viagra. As far as penis enlargement goes, Rizer XL will allow for more blood to flow into your penis. That will in turn enlarge your penis and improve your erection strength. So if you’re looking for penis enlargement, Rizer XL is for you as long as you keep in mind that the results will not be permanent. You can expect to see a 20-40% increase in length and girth and you will really notice the difference in the quality of your erections.

Rizer XL has been on the market since 2004 and has sold millions of boxes worldwide. It is a trusted name and an authority in the male enhancement industry. Backed by a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying out one of our convenient monthly packs.