Erectile Dysfunction

Differences between a Dry Orgasm and Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re reading this article, you may have already heard of the terms erectile dysfunction and dry orgasm.  Many men have dealt with erectile dysfunction, or

the inability to get an erection.  There are a number of treatments for it, including the all-natural Rizer XL male enhancement pills.  These pills use herbal ingredients to allow more blood to flow into the penile chambers, making the penis harder and even longer when erect.  Rizer XL is a very safe way of dealing with erectile dysfunction, and it works without any side effects.

Dry orgasm, however, is a different problem.  It’s sometimes referred to as retrograde ejaculation.  When you have an orgasm, muscles located at the opening of the bladder contract to prevent semen from entering the bladder.  Sometimes, however, these muscles do not contract, and the semen is sent into your bladder instead of passing by it to the penis.  The end result is an orgasm with no or very little ejaculation, making it very difficult to impregnate a woman.

There are several different causes for retrograde ejaculation.  Some surgical procedures can damage the muscles.  These include prostrate surgery and surgery on the bladder.  Radiation therapy for cancer primarily located in the pelvic area can also cause dry orgasm.  Some medications used to treat mood disorders, prostate enlargement, and high blood pressure can also weaken the muscles of the bladder.

Finally, nerve damage may cause the muscles to fail to contract properly, leading to retrograde ejaculation.  Nerve damage can be caused by a number of medical conditions and injuries, including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and damage to the spinal cord.

There are a few different ways of dealing with retrograde ejaculation.  It’s not harmful, so if a man is not planning on having children, no treatment may be required.  If the condition was caused by surgery, there may be no cure.  However, if it is caused by nerve damage, several drugs may be helpful.  These include drugs that are primarily used to treat depression, antihistamines, and decongestants.  Some are even available without a prescription.

The cures for erectile dysfunction and for retrograde ejaculation may be quite simple.  A few decongestants can be the cure for your dry orgasms, while Rizer XL is a herbal erection dysfunction treatment.  A few pills and you’ll find your sexual performance is back to normal.