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Do Women Fake Orgasms?

The answer to the question is yes and no. Confused? I’ll bet you are, and with good reason.  Here, we will discuss the variables in this elusive

phenomenon. The first thing to do is dispel myth number one. It is a common one, and one that causes a lot of issues. This myth is perpetrated by the make who believes that he is the cause of the lack of orgasm in his partner. Now, there are cases where this is true, however, it is usually an ego-buster for the man that believes that it is his size or performance. We will discuss those cases later on in the article.

The first fact we must try to understand is the fact that the female orgasm is mostly mental. People who know and understand this also have an issue. Men, who have female partners in a relationship, will tend to believe that their partner is holding out because they are no longer in love or no longer attracted to them. This is true in a percentage of cases, but, in other cases, a woman may fake an orgasm rather than hurt the feelings of her partner. If the husband or sexual partner figures this out, he will generally take the blame on to himself.

Are there any ways to tell if she’s faking it?

Well, that depends on what is causing the displeasure; so to answer this, we have to figure out the cause. Let’s explore what may be some variables in the cause for the lack of orgasm.

Performance: Performance issues with the make are the first thoughts in this subject so we will look at this one first. Lack of technique, could be the issue; this can manifest itself in several ways.

  • Technique: Remember to explore with your partner and get to learn the female’s body. If you do, you’ll see that one partner can be very different than another partner as far as G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Don’t be afraid to ask how and where she likes it. This will ensure orgasm after a while, when you are experimenting if this is indeed the cause.
  • Health Issue: After a certain age, usually 35, a woman will begin going through some changes. There is a condition called peri-menopause or in lay terms pre-menopause. Even though the woman is still technically in her child-bearing years and, in fact, should be at her sexual peak, she is liable to experience pain, dryness and discomfort. This needs to be discussed and addressed medically and the situation can be controlled quite easily with medication in most cases, depending on the severity.
  • Premature Ejaculation: This is a big focus as far as the man is concerned and is almost more common than the first two and the most daunting and frustrating to cure. When this happens it can force a female to fake an orgasm. When this happens, she should be able to get away with it because of the control she would have over her vaginal muscles and the vocal response she may have.

A quick how-can-you-tell-she-is-faking-it tip:

When a woman orgasms she will secrete juices from the vaginal walls. This is used in the aide of pregnancy. When she secretes the vaginal juices, the sperm have a place to aide in the swimming process. This way it has a better chance of reaching the egg and forming a baby.

She will have a rapid heartbeat and pulse and will sweat although not necessarily profusely.

If nothing else is going on but a bit of screaming, then she is most probably faking it.

In this case, if a man prematurely ejaculates, he will have to have it checked medically so that any health issues that may be causing it may be ruled out. After that, there should be a loving discussion between you and your partner about premature ejaculation treatment and techniques that can not only get it under control but enhance your lovemaking situation.

What else can I do to help the process if I ejaculate prematurely?

Foreplay! Foreplay, foreplay! The more adept at negotiating your partner’s body, the better chances you have of her having an orgasm from foreplay rather than penetration. This can be a fun, bonding experience. It can actually bring you closer because you as the man can show her how much you care about her having a pleasurable experience and should bring you emotionally closer as a couple, therefore, enabling you to talk to one another about any treatment or issues you have without having her resent her partner afterwards. This, of course, is not a good earmark of a loving relationship but people are human and dissatisfaction is common.

There are ways to treat your issue with aids, more specifically, all natural supplements that have a very high success rate, some reportedly as high as 98%, in treating premature ejaculation.
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