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Dress to Impress

There are many parts to a great date.  There’s the location itself, the conversation, how well the two of you get along, and then there’s the visual aspect.  If you don’t look great, she’s going to immediately lower her expectations.  It might not matter how awesome the rest of the date is.  Once she’s decided you’re a slob or a loser that might be the end of it.

Dress to ImpressSo how can you overcome this issue?  Think about how you look and make some changes if you think you’re not dressing to impress.  First, ask a few friends or family members to give you an honest opinion about your looks.  That will give you an idea of what you might need to work on.  Don’t just listen to one person, though—get a few opinions because what one person doesn’t like, another might.

Dress to Impress

Think about what you wear on dates.  Do you dress nicely?  Unless you’re going to play touch football or something, you probably don’t want to have any holes in your pants.  Likewise, wear a nice shirt, not a t-shirt with an offensive slogan or image on it.  If you’re going to a nice restaurant, a shirt and tie might be appropriate.  In fact, if you want to make a good first impression, a tie and nice jacket is one way to go.

Your hair is another concern.  If you haven’t had a haircut lately, you might want to get a trim.  If you wear your hair long, you might want to have the split ends trimmed off.  Regardless of length, using a little gel to control those fly-aways and give it an overall tamed appearance isn’t a bad idea.  Be sure your hair is clean, of course.

While some men don’t really pay attention to color, you do want to make sure your outfit isn’t horrible to look at.  For a safe bet, go for dark pants and a shirt that isn’t too wild.  The traditional outfit of solid colored shirt and black pants with black shoes always works.  Make sure your shoes and pants don’t horribly clash, too.

Finally, if the date is going well, she might even get to see you out of some of those clothing.  Be sure you’re wearing clean underwear!  It doesn’t matter how lucky it is if it’s got stains all over it!  Also be sure you look great naked.  Trim, shave, and take an enhancement supplement like Rizer XL so your erection is ready to go.  Rizer XL will make your erection harder and give you more stamina so you can last longer, helping you close the deal and keep her coming back for more.