Sex Tips

Dressing to Impress Her

How a man looks to a woman determines how willing she is to let him have sex with her.  It’s true.  It doesn’t matter how large your penis is or how much stamina you have, if you don’t look like what she wants, she’s not going to give you the time Dressing to Impress Herof day.  A man with wild, nasty hair, a grizzly beard, and dirty clothes isn’t going to see much action, while a guy who has groomed himself and looks nice will, more often than not, get into the bedroom.  That’s not to say guys with beards, long hair, and ripped jeans won’t get laid.  They do, if that’s what she’s looking for.  That’s the key: you need to dress to impress her, so you have to know what she’s looking for.  There are some basic tips, though, that will work for any woman.

When going out on a date, you shouldn’t need a reminder to take a shower first.  But some guys do.  So wash!  Be clean!  And wear deodorant.  Nothing is more of a turn-off to women than a smelly, sweaty man.

You also want to wear clean clothing.  Don’t wear something with stains or spots on it, and if in doubt, do a sniff test to make sure your dog hasn’t peed on your favorite jeans.  Definitely check your underwear, too—if it’s got a stain on it, put it back and wear something better.

Of course, there’s more to impressing her than wearing clean clothes.  You want to wear clothes that look good on you.  Does your clothing fit right?  If it’s too big or too small, it probably doesn’t look very good on you.  Also remember to make sure your clothing coordinates.

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