Male Enhancement Tips

Eat This, Not That – The Male Enhancement Edition


Choosing foods to eat that boost metabolism, improve your health and give you a boost is nothing new. Nutritionists have been extolling the virtues of fresh fruit, raw vegetables, whole grains and healthy lean meats for years. Many men have taken on some new healthier habits but, for the most part, men tend to go with what they know and if they feel okay physically, they figure everything is fine. New information on how foods can improve sexual performance have changed this for many, though. Here we’ve rounded up some of the easiest food swaps men can make to improve their performance while satisfying their cravings.


What You Should Eat When You Want to Eat Something You Shouldn’t

Swapping out poor choices for healthier alternatives is often seen as being slightly more interesting than watching paint dry. After all, who wants to swap chilli cheese nachos for a garden salad? With a bit of imagination, however, you can make some quick and simple swaps that satisfy what you want while giving your body what it needs.

When You Want to Eat…   Have This Instead
A big juicy burger with the works A big juicy burger! Eating red meat isn’t always a No Go, but be sure to choose lean meat free of antibiotics. Make sure to pile on healthy, tasty additions that offer help with male enhancement. These include dark leafy greens with plenty of crunch such as kale or spinach, plus avocado, tomatoes and onions. Skip the cheese, bacon and mayo though – the extra grease, oil and fat contributes to impotence and premature ejaculation.
Chili Fries Hot chilli with a side of bakes fries or hash brows. Chillies are high in potassium, iron and magnesium and help to dilate blood vessels which can help with longer, harder erections.
Fried Fish Oysters and salmon are both well known for their male enhancement properties. Salmon offers a high concentration of omega fatty acids which stimulate blood flow. Oysters provide plenty of zinc and selenium which are linked to better, harder erections and better sperm production.
Sweet Candies Swap out those gummy whatevers for some good old fashioned fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth. Bananas are chock full of potassium and B6 and have been linked to higher levels of dopamine, one of the body’s natural feel good chemicals. Watermelon is another great choice when you want something sweet with a bit of crunch. Watermelon provides a boost for male enhancement thanks to its citrulline content which relaxes blood vessels and promotes better blood flow.
Salted, Roasted or Flavoured Nuts Almonds. Almonds are kind of amazing. Not only have they been linked to increased weight loss for dieters, they’re also packed with fatty acids necessary to keep male hormone levels at their peak. Want to boost your stamina and your libido? Swap out your usual salted peanuts for a bowl of almonds.
Mexican Food Plenty of Mexican places offer food that are little more than greasy burgers ground up and thrown on top of salted tortilla chips. All that fat and salt is bound to lead to a host of sexual performance issues so opt instead for authentic Old World Mexican dishes. Use lean ground beef, low fat cheese and swap out the sour cream for fresh avocado. You can mash it if you need that creamy texture and avocados are rich in a variety of natural acids and antioxidants which help with blood flow, stamina and hormone level maintenance.
Chocolate Chocolate! Sometimes what you really need is a bit of chocolate and research suggests that giving into the craving may do a lot of good. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, an organic alkaloid which stimulates the body and encourages better mood.

Eating for health is fairly straight forward and can be easily adapted into eating for male enhancement. Making choices about which foods you include in your diet can help with blood circulation, mood, energy and stamina – all of which will help you to perform better in and out of the bedroom. These simple swaps can be a great way to get used to healthier foods and to see what type of rewards they can bring once you incorporate them fully into your diet. Soon you’ll see that eating for male enhancement is easy to do and well worth the effort.