Harder Erections

Erections and a Sedentary Lifestyle

When a man is able to achieve and maintain rock hard erections, he is more likely to be more self-confident and better able to please his sexual partners. As men grow older that ability is diminished for Hard Erectionsa number of reasons, including age. Yet age is probably not the number one factor in most men who suffer a loss of hardness. For most of us, it is a sedentary lifestyle that affects just about every physical function of our bodies.

The human body is a wonderful “machine” of sorts consisting of a potpourri of small parts and mechanisms that all need to work together for proper functioning. Yet like a mechanical machine, the human machine needs to be kept clean and well lubricated if it is to perform optimally. A sedentary lifestyle is to the human machine what dirt, grime, and heat is to a mechanical one. The more sedentary a man is, the less efficient his body functions.

It’s All in the Blood

In most religions it is strictly forbidden to consume the blood of animals in any form, including beef or pork cooked medium rare. As the Jewish Torah says, the life of the creature is in the blood. That sentiment is truer than most of us even realize. The blood is one of the most critical components of the body and is largely responsible for whether we are sick or healthy. Consider the fact that the blood is the:

Oxygen Carrier – The blood carries vital oxygen to every part of the body. Without oxygen body tissues would die very quickly.

Food and Water Carrier – Along with oxygen the blood stream carries food and water to the rest of the body systems. Almost all the nutrients our bodies exist on enter through the stomach, are dissolved and absorbed into the bloodstream, and carried throughout the body. Just like body tissue would die without oxygen, it would also die without food and water.

Disease Fighter – It is the white blood cells that are responsible to fight disease and infection. Whenever any foreign entities enter the human body the autoimmune system kicks in, calls the white blood cells to action, and creates antibodies that are then carried by the bloodstream to the affected region.

Clot Producer – Without healthy red blood cells you and I could bleed to death with just a simple cut. But the platelets in red blood cells keep that from happening by creating clots whenever there’s an open wound. What this shows is that it’s just as important to have healthy red blood cells as well white.

Now that we see how important blood is let’s relate that to male sexual function and erections. In case you’re unaware, the physiological cause of an erection is excessive blood flow in and out of the penis. When a man is sexually aroused it triggers the opening of several valves which allow more blood flow into the spongy tissue. As arousal wanes those valves slowly close, blood flow returns to normal, and the penis again becomes flaccid.

The Sedentary Lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle comes into play inasmuch as it hinders the cardiovascular system. For example, a sedentary lifestyle weakens the heart because the heart is a muscle. As with any muscle, if it’s not continually exercised beyond its normal routine it does not gain size and strength. And when gains are not made, loss is inevitable. A sedentary heart is usually an unhealthy heart; an unhealthy heart is one that does not pump blood as well as it should.

Second, a sedentary lifestyle causes constriction of the blood vessels and reduces the production of hormones. Both of these conditions further hinder an already taxed cardiovascular system to the point that blood flow is further restricted and blood pressure increases. Just these three factors alone are thought by many doctors to result in premature aging, loss of vitality, and a whole host of physical illnesses and diseases.

In the bedroom the reduced efficiency of the cardiovascular system ultimately manifests itself in the inability to achieve and maintain rock hard erections. Yet most men can turn this completely around by engaging in regular exercise and getting back into shape. The idea of the sedentary versus the active lifestyle causes many in the medical community to wonder whether or not prescription medications for erectile dysfunction are really necessary.
Rizer XL

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Men who want help with erections above and beyond maintaining a healthy lifestyle can find it in the form of an oral male enhancement product. One example of such a product is Rizer XL. Unlike prescription medications, Rizer XL uses natural ingredients to encourage the body perform better through natural means.

It encourages increased testosterone production, an increase in nitric oxide in the blood, and a more efficient cardiovascular system that results on blood flowing more freely. Adding a product like Rizer XL to a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet can help restore the rock hard erections you used to get when you were younger.