The Evolution of Herbal Male Enhancement Pills – Building the Framework for RizerXL


Think you’re the first one to suffer from conditions such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction–think again. It’s believed that men have suffered from sexual infirmities since the dawn of humanity. In fact, evidence of primitive attempts to solve these complications exists as far back as tribesmen in Africa who would hang weights and heavy objects from their genitalia with the belief that it would promote stretching and growth.

RizerXLThe first known written documentation of premature ejaculation cure and sexual impotency appeared in the 1st century AD from an early encyclopaedia titled Natural History by Pliny the Elder–a Roman author and natural philosopher. His work and the contributions of numerous biologists, botanists, and sexual philosophers up until modern day times have helped to build a scientific framework and prove the legitimacy and effectiveness behind modern herbal male enhancement supplements including RizerXL.

In this primitive encyclopedia that has survived the ages, Pliny discusses herbal and natural remedies with aphrodisiac-al properties including garlic, turpentine tree, and the water derived from boiling wild asparagus. Later period Greek and Roman scholars including Aristotle reported the effectiveness of animal by products in the investigation for a premature ejaculation cure and a way to increase libido. Many of these cult-like experiments involved the consumption of animal genitalia from goats, chickens, and lizards–particularly the skin; they believed that lizards and snakes were particularly beneficial because of minute similarities in appearance to the penis.

Animal derived premature ejaculation cures were still prevalently in use up until the 13th century (and perhaps still today with the belief in consuming oysters) witnessed in the work of a friar by the name of Albertus Magnus. Magnus authored a scholarly analysis in the effectiveness of wolf penis and starfish to increase libido and improve sexual infirmities. Not only did he recommend that men go out and attempt to acquire a wolf’s penis, but he instructed those men to prepare it by roasting the penis in an oven, cutting it up into bite size pieces, and chew on it whenever they needed a sexual pick-me; talk about a turn off in and of itself. He even went as far to give caution to those men turning to starfish as a remedy, as it was such a powerful aphrodisiac that it could cause it’s user to ejaculate blood.

Taking a step back from the consumption of animal anatomy, the 19th century reignited the search for effective herbal remedies including the introduction of cannabis as a means to cure premature ejaculation problems indirectly by enhancing moods, ginseng to increase blood flow, and the injection of an extract taking from sheep testicles. It wasn’t until the 20th century when scientific lab test results resulted in the introduction of vasodilators and the introduction of a revolutionary supplement known as Viagra hit the market in the 1990’s. Viagra has led the way for male enhancement treatments, but it also deviated from the route of natural herbal supplements, as it is a chemical compound that requires a prescription to obtain.

Many of the historical findings and thousands of years of trial and error led the way to modern and scientifically designed product called RizerXL. RizerXL is non-prescription herbal supplement that is produced using many of the same natural remedies used since the studies first conducted by Pliny the Elder–without the animal anatomical features of course. It contains hawthorn berry, vitamin E, horny goat weed used in many traditional Chinese medicines, ginseng, and a primary ingredient of L-Arginine in addition to many other minor ingredients.

You no longer have to go hunt down a wolf for their penile remedies, but instead the amino acid in RizerXL known as L-Arginine increases blood flow and retention, creating harder erections. Supplementing the effects of L-Arginine, the ginseng first used during the 18th century will give you additional energy and normalize blood pressure and increase circulation. Products such as RizerXL have been specially designed in an FDA approved laboratory and based off thousands of years of research to prove results and solve some of these common sexual concerns while maintaining your anonymity and preventing hazardous reactions to chemical compounds.