Increase Libido

Five Creative Ways to Increase Libido

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Finding ways to increase libido is an important part of cultivating a happy and healthy sex life for both men and women. Couples often find their libido begins to wane as relationships become more established, responsibilities increase or life simply takes over and suddenly you find yourself in a rut. Improving your libido on your own is fine, but these libido boosters can be shared, turning your efforts to increase libido into an easy way to spice up your love life at the same time.

1. Watch Porn Together

Watching porn togetherPlenty of guys will read this first tip and think “No way will my wife (or girlfriend) be down for watching porn!” While porn isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, the fact is there are plenty of women who don’t only like pornography, they maintain their own collections. While your lady might not be too excited about watch Back Door Hussies 10, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. If your partner doesn’t object to pornography wholesale, talk about what interests you both or browse through the DVD section of a high-quality adult store online or in person. If she simply can’t abide full on porn movies, then take it down a notch and check out mainstream and independent movies well known for their overt sexual content. Chances are, you’ll be surprised what you can find that will make you both happy.

2. Book into a Sleazy Motel

A change of scenery can work wonders. Whether it’s in regards to changing your office space, improving your home or remodelling your love life. Taking your partner out to a slightly sleazy motel, booking into a place that specializes in romantic getaways or even just breaking out the tent for a night under the stars can revitalize your love life in ways you may never have imagined. Changing scenery changes your perspective and, depending on the venue you choose, it can encourage you to be more adventurous and push yourself beyond your normal comfort zone.

3. Don’t Do it

A different way to increase libido is to adopt a position of abstinence. Many couples find that going back to basics is easily done if you go back to bases – as in first base, second, third and eventually home. Set a certain amount of time to correspond with each base and agree not to go past that point. Decide you won’t go past first base for a full week, but be sure to take advantage of every chance you get. In case it’s been awhile, here’s a refresher:

  • First Base – Kissing only
  • Second Base – Above the waist, shirt on, bra unsnapped but on
  • Third Base – Shirt off and fondling below the waist with pants, skirts, etc on.
  • Home – SEX!

4. Make Sex the Main Dish

Food SexIncluding food into your sex play offers a chance to get creative, have a whole lot of fun and develop some interesting inside jokes to smile about over shared dinners. When choosing foods to include in your sex play, choose wisely and select foods that will give you bursts of energy to keep up your bedroom antics. Fresh berries, chocolate shavings and whipped coconut cream can all be used to spice up your sex life and boost your energy levels. Including them in your diet outside the bedroom can also help to naturally increase libido since they are a part of a healthy, whole food diet.

5. Share a Scare

Doing something adventurous or slightly scary releases both adrenaline and dopamine – a heady combination to say the least. It also makes it easier for people to form emotional bonds which can increase libido, affection and emotional ties. Doing something that sends a chill down your spine increases your heart rate and essentially gets your entire body into a state of excitement. It’s not difficult to see how that can translate easily into a more fun and adventurous sex life. Spending the day bungee jumping, hitting a haunted house or skinny dipping in a secluded spot can quickly turn into a whole different adventure after hours.