Sex Tips

Good Health Equals Good Sex

This might come as no shock to some people, but the better your health is, the better sex you’ll have.  However, there are some people who don’t get the connection.  They wonder why their love life seems horrible, but they’re thinking about this from their sofa with a soda in one hand and a bag of chips in the other!  These people don’t realize that sex is a physical activity and that it requires you to be in shape.  Sure, Rizer XL can do a lot for you, but it can’t instantly tone up your muscles, increase your lung capacity, or help you drop 20 pounds in a day.  What it can do is boost your stamina and give you more energy in addition to making your erection harder and helping you overcome several sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction.

Good Health Equals Good Sex  Being in good health does a number of things for your sex life.  First of all, sex requires you to have muscle.  You’re going to be thrusting and holding yourself (and perhaps your partner) up at times.  You’re going to need to be able to keep up a good rhythm, and that’s difficult if you don’t have any muscle there.  It’s also more difficult to do if you’re moving a lot of weight around.  If you lose even ten pounds, it will make a difference.

Exercise and movement also help keep you flexible, and flexibility can be key in some sexual positions.  If you’re not very flexible, you will find yourself pretty limited in what you can do.  It’s also possible you’ll hurt yourself during sex, and no one wants that at all.

Lung capacity is another area that being active can greatly improve.  If you’re huffing and puffing in your sweetie’s face, she’s going to find you very attractive.  If you’re used to doing physical activity, you also won’t strain and sweat quite as much, either.

Imagine what you’ll be able to do if you’re in good physical shape and you’ve got Rizer XL working for you!  You’ll have a ton of stamina, you’ll have a hard, strong erection, and you’ll have a ton of energy.  Just think how surprised she will be when you lift her up, toss her over your shoulder, and take her to the bedroom!