How Do Penis Enlargement Devices Work?

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Penis extenders have become increasingly common both as a topic of conversation and as a viable solution for men struggling with sexual performance issues. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of men who don’t understand how these devices work or how they can help with their own sexual problems. Penis enlargement devices now come in a number of different styles so they can help men with different concerns.

Penis Enlargement – Devices vs Supplements

In the world of male enhancement options, there are two basic camps. First there are those who stick to traditional devices which have been used for generations. These devices, which began to make their way into the marketplace in the early 1900s, have become a staple in the male enhancement market and continue to be a favorite among consumers. The second camp tends to favor supplements, particularly newer formulas which use scientific research and clinical findings in their development.

When it comes to dealing with your own issue, there’s no right or wrong way to decide between supplements or medical devices. But many men find the results using penis enlargement devices to be quicker and more obvious than with supplement, especially in terms of actually enlarging the penis or giving them harder erections.

Penis Enlargement Devices – Vacuum Technology vs Traction

Happy CoupleOnce you’ve made the choice to see what penis enlargement devices can do for you, there’s still another choice to be made. Devices tend to come in models which make use of two different technologies – vacuum pumps and traction devices. Both of these devices have their fans and each one delivers effective, but slightly different, results.

Vacuum pumps have been around the longest and they are still popular with men from all over the world. These devices use vacuum technology to draw more blood into the penis which results in harder erections as well as a thicker penis overall. These are especially popular because of the near instant results and the fact that with a little imagination they can also be used as part of your sexual experimentation with your partner as well.

Traction devices are also effective but focus more on elongating or enlarging the penis slowly, over time, with the use of gentle pressure. These devices are usually worn for a few hours each day and results are achieved within a few weeks, though many men carry on with the treatment for months or even years. Traction devices are especially popular with men who want a longer penis. These devices, while affective in terms of adding inches, do not produce harder erections or increase the thickness, or girth, of a penis.

Finding the Right Device for You

Both vacuum and traction penis enlargement devices work on simple physics. With pumps it’s the principle of vacuum pressure and with the traction devices it’s simply a matter of pressure and time. Pumps can offer greater results more quickly, but traction devices can deliver truly long-lasting results if you’re willing to put in the work and have some patience.

Since each of these device types has strong roots and a basis in science, choosing which one is right for you is really a matter of personal preference and your ultimate goals. If you want to achieve harder erections and a thicker penis then vacuum pumps are definitely the way to go. If, however, you really just need to add some length, then traction devices will give you what you need.

No matter what you choose, be sure to shop around and check out the company’s reputation as well as their return policy. Also look at penis extension or enlargement reviews through message boards and independent review websites to make sure you’re getting the best quality. Since you now understand exactly how these pumps and devices work, you’ll be able to spot equipment which is well made and looks sturdy enough to get the job done. Keep in mind that since traction devices work over time you should also look for ones which appear to offer the greatest amount of comfort. Shopping around and using what you know to find the best equipment at the best price will save you money and frustration down the road.