Stop Premature Ejaculation

How Premature Ejaculation can end a relationship

There must be only a handful of people who do not long intensely for a meaningful relationship in its fullest sense. It is a common myth that it is only women that yearn for permanency in a relationship and that men generally try to avoid commitment, generally desiring nothing but sex from a relationship. It is also a common myth that most men who display affection and companionship to a woman do so only to open the way for sex. Of course, it is true that men generally love sex, but it is also true that women enjoy the deed and ultimately it is true that men and women do not readily discuss their sexual needs with each other.

Many scientific, physiological, psychological and religious have investigated the exact nature of relationships; what makes it work, what are the common denominators of successful relationships, the list goes on and on. Without a shadow of doubt, however, almost every study finds that a healthy sex life forms an integral, important part of a close, loving relationship. Couples that enjoy each other’s bodies and that strive to satisfy each other sexually have the best chance of enjoying a long-term, fulfilling relationship. Mutual satisfaction regarding sexual activities spills over in all other spheres of life. Sexually satisfied couples try to please each other, they treat each other with respect and they share a common intimacy that excludes all others. It is not surprising; therefore, to learn that sexual dysfunction can have a very serious negative impact on a relationship. Sexual
dysfunction can destroy that one special, intimate aspect of the relationship that is not shared with anybody else. By far the most widespread sexual problem for men is the matter of premature ejaculation and this problem has serious ramifications that have only been recognized relatively recently.

Premature ejaculation is a very serious matter and it affects both partners in the relationship. So-called sex therapists often argue that women can be brought to orgasm in many ways, not just by means of penetration. This may be true, but most women, if they are honest with themselves, long for orgasm while intimately coupled with their partners. It is a special moment of closeness that simply cannot be replaced by any other means. Prolonged sexual dissatisfaction is guaranteed to have a negative impact on the relationship. Women may start of by being encouraging and sympathetic, but eventually they will develop their own insecurities regarding her ability to satisfy their partners and they experience growing insecurities about their partners’ view of the relationship. Because men do not like talking about their problems, women may well assume that their partners simply go through the motions out of a sense of duty. Naturally, these insecurities and growing dissatisfaction have to spill over in all other spheres of the relationship.

While premature ejaculation can leave women with dissatisfaction, insecurities and even hostility, men suffer very badly. They often experience deep feelings of inadequacy and they simply do not know how to communicate these feelings to their partners. A lack of sexual performance quickly leads to high levels of anxiety prior to intercourse. Of course, the anxiety simply compounds the problem. Over time, men suffering from premature ejaculation start avoiding all forms of intimacy because they are scared that the intimacy will lead to sex. The next logical consequence is that the woman assumes that she is not loved anymore and she protects herself by creating a vacuum around her own feelings. Very soon, the relationship is in serious trouble with both partners being miserable and unhappy. Very often, these problems cause subsidiary cracks in the relationship; matters that were handled with love and mutual respect suddenly become a reason for conflict.

Men often find that they start to experience erectile dysfunction. They feel as if there is something wrong with them and they start brooding upon their own manliness. Their self-esteem can plummet and they can become unwilling to interact socially. Men that are not in a permanent relationship are too scared to become involved because they know that their inadequacy will quickly become apparent. Interestingly, many psychological studies on the subject of depression and anxiety show a correlation between sexual dysfunction and depression. Since premature ejaculation is the most widespread of all sexual dysfunction problems, it can only be surmised that it can lead to depression, poor performance, low self-esteem and social dysfunction.

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