How to Beat the Spontaneous Erection


Have you ever been involved in a conversation or performing an activity, when without warning, your penis decides to turn erect? Surprisingly, some men have erections at the worst times, which result in social awkwardness, but can even be considered for further ramifications if it occurs in the workplace. Spontaneous erections are the result of getting spontaneously turned on, whether by a co-worker, telephone conversation, or some other type of trigger effect.

Why Do Spontaneous Erections Occur?

CoupleAs mentioned, they are most often triggered by some sort of sexual trigger, whether it being a woman bending over, a fresh cup of coffee, or a sexy voice on the phone. This is all fine and dandy, unless your erection is suddenly made the focus of the presentation you are doing or is intrusive enough to cause the audience to gasp. Picture this: You are in the boardroom doing a presentation and suddenly you sprout an erection and it is noticed by everyone at the table. Or, you are visiting an agency to renew your insurance and the teller is sexy and you sprout an erection. These are just two examples of spontaneous erections and can most often be mitigated by getting control of your thoughts or by shifting your clothing to cover it.

Get Harder Erections

Spontaneous erections are fleeting, in that they come and go, and most often are not as intense as erections during physical stimulation since they evolve mostly from fantasy and powers of lust. Common reasons for spontaneous erections are that you are not getting enough sex or masturbating enough, or don’t get good enough erections when you are trying to get hard. To try and get better timing of your erections, you can either clear your head of all the sexy wishes and fantasies or start getting in tune with your sexual triggers.

Using the Pill for Controlled Erections

Men who still cannot control their erections are experimenting with male enhancement pills to better regulate their erection timing. The theory is that by using the pill they will be able to boost their performance, increase their blood flow, and get harder erections. This allows men to focus their sex drive into more precise erectile periods by honing their sexual triggers in relation to the taking of the pill. By standardizing their routine, they are able to enact a placebo effect, in conjunction with the actual effect, of the pill to reset their sexual triggers that cause erections. The erections with use of the pill, such as RizerXL, create opportunities for boosting the erectile capacity of users.

Desensitizing Your Penis and Changing Your Sexual Triggers

Men who use male enhancement pills notice an increase in size and erection hardness, as well as increased pleasure, as reported by many users. To increase your pleasure and sexual orientation through the use of the pill, your spontaneous erections should, in theory decrease, or at least not be as violent. Using the pill to regulate and control your sexual activity works wonders for alleviating sexual mismanagement because its effects are designed to help improve your sexual performance.

Dealing with Morning Wood

Morning wood is similar to spontaneous erections in that they can be awkward, but they are more notably characterized because of their onset in the morning. Many men wakeup with erections, and unsure why, and feel like they have to urinate. Urinating can be difficult when erect, so the erection must be tamed down to allow the bladder to release fluid. The erections can range from hard to medium-hard and can be reduced by regulating how and when you get an erection. Have you noticed that if you don’t have sex or masturbate, you are more likely to get morning wood or a spontaneous erection?

Regulating Your Erections

Like most things in our schedule, they follow a routine, and having time for sex and masturbating should be no different. If you have sex every night at 8pm or masturbate every morning at 6am, your body will get into a routine. An example is eating daily at a specific time, if you suddenly don’t eat at the time you usually do, your stomach may growl and you will feel hungry. The same is for sex. If you do not have sex or masturbate according to your routine, your libido may get wonky, so it is important to regulate it if you are sexually active. By affording a regular schedule for sex, and using male enhancement pills for harder erections, then theoretically your body will be less likely to trigger spontaneous erections; thus giving you the power to beat spontaneous erections.