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Increasing Ejaculate Volume after Vasectomy

Every year more than half-a-million American men go under the knife for a vasectomy procedure. According to statistics, vasectomy is the most popular form of permanent birth control among both men and Vasectomycouples. The procedure is simple to do, relatively low risk, and can be completed in about 30 minutes in an outpatient setting. Unfortunately, it can lead to a couple of unintended consequences many men aren’t prepared for.

Several medical surveys, combined with general forum discussions, reveal that some men experience significantly less sexual pleasure after vasectomy. Common complaints include lower ejaculate volume, less tactile sensitivity, less intense orgasms, and a tendency to no notice orgasm even after ejaculation has occurred.

One the whole, the medical community stands firm in stating these things are all in the head. But anecdotal evidence and surveys among vasectomy patients say otherwise.

Decreased Ejaculate Volume

We’ll start by talking about ejaculate volume because it is so closely related to the rest of the male sexual experience. According to medical research, sperm makes up only 5% of total ejaculate in normal, healthy meals. Therefore, it stands to reason that a vasectomy wouldn’t have that much of a noticeable impact. Yet the impact is real according to many of the men who have had vasectomy surgery.

After a vasectomy a man’s body continues to create sperm; it’s just that the sperm leaks out the open end of the vas and is absorbed into the body. Some researchers believe it’s possible that the leaking sperm prevents the “pressure” build up that occurs in the testicles of intact men. This loss of pressure may trigger the body to also produce a lower volume of the other ingredients found in male semen. This combination of factors could result in lower ejaculate volume.

This is one area where a product like Rizer XL can be very helpful. Rizer XL provides the male body with more of the raw materials needed to produce seminal fluid. It also encourages the body to produce that fluid by stimulating the natural processes responsible for it.

Less Intense Orgasms

Experiencing less intense orgasms is probably the most common complaint among men who have had vasectomy. Again, doctors claim this is all in the mind. They claim there’s no possible way cutting the vas could result in any physiological change which would reduce orgasmic intensity. But vasectomy patients would wholeheartedly disagree. One man after another has complained; some have even said it’s no longer worth having sex because they barely feel anything.

Though no one has yet conclusively determined why this occurs, there is some help available by way of Kegel exercises. These are exercises that men can do in order to strengthen the sphincter muscles and the groin. They were first developed in the 1960s to help women learn to control contractions during labor, but further research in the 1970s showed Kegel exercises were beneficial to both sexes in the area of controlling and enjoying orgasm.

The fact that the exercises can help return the intensity of male orgasm to more normal levels suggests that the cause may be related to ejaculate volume and the sphincter muscles. When volume is lower these muscles don’t have to work as hard to achieve ejaculation, so the contract less. When the muscles contract less, the orgasmic sensation is reduced. By exercising the muscles men are able to increase their sexual sensation.

Loss of Self-Confidence

Loss of Self ConfidenceIn fairness, there may be one psychological component connected to the problem: a loss of self confidence. Like it or not, men measure their own sexual prowess according to a number of factors, among them being the ability to produce children. And though a couple may decide between them a vasectomy is necessary to avoid future pregnancies, it can still have a negative effect on the male ego. A man may think of himself as less capable after vasectomy, thereby damaging his self-confidence.

Once self-confidence is decreased it becomes much more difficult for a man to fully enjoy the sexual experience. This can manifest itself in several different ways including an inability to maintain rock hard erections, less stamina and endurance, and less tactile sensation. All of these things together could produce less intense orgasms. They might also cause a man to be unable to ejaculate at all.

If you’ve had a vasectomy and are now well acquainted with some of the problems we’ve talked about here, don’t merely sit by and do nothing. Both you and your partner deserve better. Start by talking to your doctor and getting his feedback. If he’s convinced all of your problems are psychological, don’t be afraid to pursue other avenues of research. This is a growing field of study which is seeing an increased knowledge base with every passing day.

In the meantime, consider a supplement like Rizer XL to at least bring back your ejaculate volume and increase testosterone levels. Also consider beginning Kegel exercises. The combination of the two may be all you need to get back on track.