Harder Erections

Keeping Your Penis Hard Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Keeping your penis hard

Over 30% of men suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction, whether it be premature ejaculation or some other issue. As a result, millions of dollars have been injected into this field of men’s health. For those who don’t know, premature ejaculation is when you cannot control your orgasm and as a result you end up ejaculating before your partner, or prematurely. Many studies Keeping your penis hardhave shown that this can be a result of not having sex or masturbating frequently enough or being victim to heightened arousal. Since the penis relies on both psychological and physiological senses and hormones from the body, it is a very complex disorder that affects men worldwide.

Imagine you are having sex and your partner says, “don’t orgasm yet,” and what do you do? You ejaculate moments before she orgasms. This can cause a great deal of stress in new relationships, as well as seasoned relationships where partners are still sexually active. The problem for the woman is that the man is not able to please her sexually because he lacks the endurance, and the problem for the man is a sense of inferiority since he cannot control his timing. The next problem is that there is no one-stop-shop for lasting longer, until now.

Getting Her to Orgasm Before You

The penis head, or Glans, is made up of many nerves which automatically gives you a head-start in the pleasure arena, and possibly why men are more prone to reach orgasm before women. The problem is that once you orgasm, your penis wants to relax and soften-down temporarily while your testes gather up sperm for the next round. The woman, if she hasn’t orgasmed, needs the stimulation to continue to get her to climax so there is no room for going soft early. Rizer XL is an enhancement pill that uses a specially formulated treatment to keep you harder longer so you can maintain stimulation on the clitoris and vagina for her pleasure and prevent premature ejaculation. This premature ejaculation cure has helped countless men overcome the anxieties of orgasming too early and helped them regain confidence without resorting to hours of masturbation.

Other Erectile Inhibitors And Lasting Longer

Men have tried countless things to increase their erectile capacity and have found it to be a very challenging enterprise. Some have followed the list of aphrodisiacs only to orgasm too early and others use numbing cream or drink alcohol to last longer. The problem with these is that if you drink too much, you may not be able to get erect at all, not to mention how unhealthy alcohol is for your body. Some people who have used numbing cream have found it to be too effective and essentially went soft after applying it. Many men who are hyper-sensitive use a condom in order to curb their premature ejaculation, but some women report that this reduces their pleasure. Men who have diabetes, hormone imbalances, or are on medication or smoke may also be at higher risk of having erectile dysfunction, but that does not mean they can’t change. Everyone has a chance to increase their sexual performance, and Rizer XL has stepped up to deliver a product that provides the premature ejaculation cure for countless men.

Gaining Control of Your Orgasm

The science of sex has many hidden secrets and mysteries, but there are also many things that have been discovered. For instance, we know that the male orgasm is controlled by a combination of the brain’s hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. When these two work together, in conjunction with testosterone, they create sexual arousal. Rizer XL contributes to your already natural process of arousal by integrating a hormonal sequence to better empower you to control your orgasm for a premature ejaculation cure. Once you have regained your virility, you may notice that you are more confident and charismatic since you have finally overcome your erectile dysfunction disorder. Getting in tune with your sexual health is very important to your overall health since the two are inextricably linked. Men who empower their sexual health, often find their physical and mental health to be in tow. Since the two are so closely aligned, don’t you think it’s time to get your sexual inhibitions removed so you can be healthy, happy, and free?