Increase Libido

Where Does Libido Come From?


Improving sexual performance has become one of the easiest and most popular forms of self-improvement over the past several years. There are now ways for men to increase their penis size, improve stamina and even find how to videos and help with techniques and moves online. Finally, there are a number of ways for both men and women to increase libido which, in many cases, begins to wane as a natural part of the ageing process. Although new ways to increase libido are all over the internet, in magazines and even a part of many talk shows, few people understand where libido comes from.

What is a Libido Exactly?

VirilityThe libido simply refers to a person’s overall sex drive and how interested they are in sex. Sex drive is often seen as being a part of how sexually aggressive a person is, but this isn’t always the case. Libido does play a role in how sexually confident a person is, but generally it simply refers to their overall sexual interest. Both men and women have a libido, though many times, articles and help for libido address only a man’s sexual interest. This is determined by a number of factors including biological, psychological and social influences.

There is no single place the libido originates from but many things can affect it. The biggest influence is often biological. Hormone levels, general health and energy all play a role in this biological influence and, as a result, it is often the area in which improvements can be made quickly. This is where many products aim their efforts, as nutritional support can help boost a flagging libido but care should be taken to address root problems or the underlying cause of a waning interest in sex.

How Simple Things Can Increase Libido

Since there are so many things which can influence libido, rooting out why it may be waning can take some work. Luckily, there are simple steps which can often resolve the issue of a lowered libido while, at the same time, pinpointing the area in which the problem is occurring. Biological issues such as a hormone imbalance can be tested quickly and easily at a doctor’s office and many times this is the cause for older adults. Hormone imbalances can be dealt with through a variety of medications or other treatments.

LibidoFor younger adults, however, hormone imbalances are unlikely but that doesn’t rule out biological factors. Many times nutrition and overall physical fitness are pivotal parts of a strong sex drive. A diet that relies on fast food, processed meals and convenience foods will also be high in sugar, fat and salt – the three enemies of both health and sexual interest. In order to supply your libido – and body – with the fuel it needs, go on a one or two week Clean Diet in order to flush out toxins and recharge your batteries.

Psychological factors also play a role, particularly when they snowball into physical manifestations. Stress is the prime example of a psychological worry that manifests as a physical problem. Although mental in origin, stress contributes to everything from weight gain and blood pressure to heart health and sexual performance. Stress has been linked to almost every sexual dysfunction you can think of, including impotence, premature ejaculation and problems with intimacy. In order to address psychological factors, men may need to reach out to mental health professionals to arrange for therapy. Other treatments which can help with depression, stress and elated psychological issues include yoga, exercise, meditation and engaging in team sports.

Finding methods to effectively increase libido means understanding how sex drive works and what your libido needs in order to be healthy. As with any sexual performance issue, starting with the basics of good health and nutrition often yields the best results. A healthy diet, regular exercise and peace of mind all contribute to helping increase libido while also promoting full body health.  Giving your body what it needs to perform at its best will help to increase libido at its core which offers the best chance for long term success.