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When something happens to your general health, it is easy to get a checkup by your primary physician. But when something seems to happen “down there”, it is much more difficult to have your problem checked out. Traditional medicine has very few solutions to the problem of small penile size, so those who suffer from this problem are eager for something that will help out Mother Nature. Male enhancement products are numerous and are available as surgery, implements, pills, or physical therapy. Male enhancement products in pill form can be very effective. Supplements that increase blood flow to the penis and help maintain harder erections allow for a temporary increase in size. Non-surgical implements that help with male enhancement include penile stretchers, extenders and vacuum devices. These devices have the potential to create a long term male enhancement; however, they also carry a risk of injury. Physical therapy involves exercises you can do in order to get more blood to flow to the penis, rendering the recipient with a longer penis and harder erection. Surgery is the technique with the highest risk, but also has the “biggest gains” for a longer period of time.

Likewise, men who seek to have harder erections, to increase libido, or to treat premature ejaculation seek out pills or medication. Medication, of course, requires a doctor’s visit, lab tests and a prescription. This is typically cost prohibitive, not to mention embarrassing for most men. There are other ways to treat these conditions. Herbal treatments and supplements are available on the market that help increase blood flow to the penis, helping to contribute to harder erections, an increase in libido, and premature ejaculation treatment.

Premature ejaculation, for example, can be controlled by using the neuroactive herb called Muira Puama. This herb, also known as ‘potency herb’ or ptychopetalum and is known to increase sex drive, to help men produce an erection and causes the body to release excitatory neurotransmitters and decrease GABA, an inhibitory transmitter. The combination of these effects allows men to control their excitation and maintain their erections for a longer period of time, helping to treat premature ejaculation.

Men who want harder erections can purchase a combination of herbal supplements known to treat this condition. Ginko biloba is known to increase blood flow in smaller blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to the penis and resulting in harder erections. Horny Goat Weed, or epimedium sagittatum, is also a known aphrodisiac that is known to increase blood pressure in the penile area with the chemical icarin, again resulting in harder erections. A combination of these powerful herbs used in many parts of the country to increase male fertility and help men with harder erections would be an amazing treatment indeed!

Enhance your Sex Life TodayAs men age, the amount of testosterone decreases and causes a decrease in sexual libido. Men, of course would like to find a way to increase libido without resorting to medical means and without taking steroids. One way to do this is to try to raise natural hormonal levels in the body using natural herbal supplements. Inosine, for example, is thought to improve muscle fitness which helps to increase hormone levels in the male. Damiana, a shrub found in Texas, has been used to increase libido for ages. It is especially useful for impotence Nobody knows how damiana causes this effect, but an increased libido is a clear effect of using this herb. The Caltrop, or puncture vine, is used as a supplement as well for this problem. The claim is that Caltrop (also known as tribulus) increases the production of natural testosterone in the body which results in an increased libido. Once again, combining all of these herbal supplements would create a very powerful medicine for men who are looking to have more sexual appetite.

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