Male Enhancement Pills versus Penile Exercises


Male enhancement pills formulated with natural ingredients do not impose any harm to the body.  All the ingredients have been carefully blended to yield the maximum benefit. These are formulated with various forms of organic herbs, naturally occurring amino acids and vitamin and mineral components. The synergistic combination does not only offer longer and harder erection but also boost sexual stamina, increase sexual pressure and support overall sexual health.

SexyThere are many varieties of male enhancement pills available. While the majority of brands claim to provide multiple benefits to improve overall male sexual and reproductive health, there is one brand that stands above others. Rizer XL is a fast acting natural supplement with a list of benefits that have been validated by clinical studies.

Rizer XL: An All-Natural Herbal Supplement

Rizer XL offers men the experience of larger and harder erections. As a consequence of having harder erections, users are able to experience more intense orgasm. This is because ingredients in Rizer XL work by effectively increasing the size of the head of the penis, which in turn increases the sensitivity of the penis.

In addition to this, Rizer XL also increases semen ejaculatory volume, giving you and your partner heightened sexual experience.  Not only will Rizer XL provide harder erections and breathless orgasm, it will also boost sexual endurance. You will experience increase libido and your sex life will be re-invigorated.

As a result of these factors, your self-confidence and bedroom demeanour will only improve which effectively enhances your self-esteem. Your overall outlook on life will also change for the positive. When you are confident sexually, you become more desirable to the opposite sex. In short, Rizer XL is formulated to provide added benefits to spice up your life.

Another benefit with Rizer XL is in the effective treatment of premature ejaculation. By taking a daily dose of Rizer XL, ejaculators can experience sex in more fulfilling ways. The great thing about Rizer XL is that the supplement can be taken at any time of the day which means that you don’t have to regimen your schedule around Rizer XL.

Since the makers of Rizer XL understand the intricacies of sex, Rizer XL is packed with 16 ingredients that work effectively to be a potent all-round male enhancement supplement. Even though Rizer XL contains effective ingredients that give you harder erections and improve your overall sexual health, users do not have to worry about walking around with an erection or experience sexually heightened feelings all day. Rizer XL only becomes effective when users are sexually stimulated.

Rizer XL offers hassle-free alternative to other types of products. It is the natural alternative to chemically-manufactured medicines, which carry a certain degree of risks associated with chemical-based compounds. Since Rizer XL is an all-natural supplement, there is no dependency issue with this product.

An Alternative Treatment in the Form of Penis Exercises

Of course there are other treatment options available, although their effectiveness varies between individuals. Penis exercise is one way to maximize your manhood.  Penis exercise in general is put together by doctors and medical professionals.

Penis exercise uses nothing but your hands to execute the exercise routines; penis exercise involves massaging, pulling and tensing of the penis. It has been reported that this form of exercise is capable of overall penis enhancement. This means that all areas of your maleness are enhanced: length, circumference, sexual performance, penile aesthetic appearance as well as rejuvenating overall health.

These exercises use nothing except your hands to achieve penile enhancement and improve sexual function. It is a highly effective, affordable, simple, safe and discreet method. The only catch to this method is consistency. As you would exercise the rest of your body, penis exercise routines must be regularly performed in order to achieve significant results. Following the exercise program ensures visible results.


The final verdict depends on user preference. Rizer XL all-natural herbal supplement is an easy, once-a-day supplement that is clinically tested to give effective results. As an all-round sexual and reproductive health supplement, Rizer XL is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and can rejuvenate a man’s overall sexual health.

With the penis exercise, there is no cost involved. However, it requires persistence and commitment to the exercise routines to ensure effectiveness. At the end of the day, users need to weigh the benefits versus effectiveness of each technique.