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Maximizing the Pleasure of Sex – How to Last Long Enough to Achieve Mind-Blowing Sex for both of You

Male Stamina

There are a lot of questions about how male enhancement supplements can increase male stamina. But what is male sexual stamina, anyway? Generally speaking, stamina refers to the ability of a man to maintain an erection during intercourse long enough to satisfy both partners. Of course, “satisfy” is an enigmatic term, and depends on the desires and expectations of each couple. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the Male Staminaaverage couple has intercourse (excluding foreplay) for only about 7.3 minutes, and optimal duration was from 3 to 13 minutes. Of course, determining optimal duration for you and your partner doesn’t have to be as scientific as using a stopwatch to count down 7.3 minutes; clear and open communication will help determine what “satisfaction” means to each specific couple.
But there’s no doubt that finishing too quickly can ruin a sexual encounter and lead to embarrassment and frustration.

So what causes a lack of male sexual stamina?

There are a number of causes for low male sexual stamina, but one of the main culprits is poor circulation. If a person eats a poor diet and doesn’t get regular exercise, then their circulation may become sluggish and inefficient, which impacts every aspect of their sexual performance.

Lack of male stamina can also be caused by stress and lack of sleep. These can both have a detrimental effect on libido and performance, and can contribute to loss of libido, loss of stamina, or premature ejaculation.

How do you increase stamina and performance? Here are some tips to achieve harder erections that last longer during intercourse:

  • Use thicker condoms with lubrication. Thicker condoms decrease sensation, and The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that men who use condoms and lubrication have longer lasting intercourse than those who don’t.
  • Exercise. As stated above, poor circulation is often a culprit in loss of sexual stamina, so getting regular cardio workouts are a sure-fire method of increasing sexual performance. Exercise also naturally increases testosterone, which helps to achieve and maintain erections. In addition, practice Kegel exercises; the increased PC muscle control can help men delay orgasm and increase the pleasure of their partner.
  • Speaking of your parter, focus on her for a while. Many men can successfully delay ejaculation by focusing on increasing foreplay and pleasuring their partner. By taking some of the focus off the act of intercourse, they give themselves a chance to reduce urgency, and please their partner at the same time.
  • Deepen breathing. The natural instinct when approaching orgasm is to hold your breath. By focusing on deepening your breathing, and breathing slowly and evenly, you can delay orgasm and increase stamina.
  • Practice. While masturbating, take your time and practice getting close to an orgasm, then reducing or stopping stimulation, then starting again. Over time, you will build stamina and have greater control over your orgasm timing and be able to build intensity.

Here are some methods that may work to increase stamina and prevent premature ejaculation, but may also cause the loss of an erection altogether, or have other undesirable side effects:

  • Distraction. During intercourse, think of something else to distract you from the stimulation of the moment. This may delay orgasm, but can often cause the loss of an erection.
  • Desensitizing creams. These are creams that you apply to the penis to limit sensation. While they may help with premature ejaculation, they may not always allow the full sexual satisfaction you and your partner desire. These are best used with an established partner, so that you both can communicate freely about the experience.
  • Medications. Some medications, like SSRIs, have delayed orgasm as a known side effect. Again, while they may work to deliver increased stamina, they are not recommended for this purpose.

If you’ve tried many or all of the above tips, and don’t want to experience the harmful side effects of some prescription medications, it may be time to consider supplements. There are male enhancement supplements that use herbs and other natural ingredients to increase circulation and blood flow, reduce stress, increase libido, and delay premature ejaculation. Some supplements can be helpful in all aspects of helping men achieve and maintain powerful erections, and deliver the complete sexual satisfaction everyone wants to experience.