Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction That Work

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions around.  Nearly all men suffer from ED at some point in their lives.  The condition can affect men in different ways:

  • Men may be able to achieve an erection but not be able to maintain it.
  • Some men may achieve an erection but not a particularly strong one.
  • Others may not be able to achieve an erection at all.

Natural Cures for Erectile DysfunctionSome men may have one instance where they experience some form of ED and never experience it again, whereas others may go through a short phase of experiencing problems in achieving or maintaining an erection.  However, there are many men for whom the problem is persistent and as such, has an extremely negative impact on their lives.

Why Does it Happen?

ED is brought about when one of the many steps involved in the complicated erection process is disrupted in some way.  For an erection to be obtained, the body relies on nervous systems, blood circulation, chemical reactions as well as muscles contracting and relaxing.

Causes are known to be either psychological or physical.  Physical causes are normally in the form of infections or diseases relating to any of the functions needed to achieve erection.  For instance heart or circulatory problems may be the cause of erectile dysfunction.  Psychological causes include depression, anxiety and even guilt.  If the answer to what is causing the condition is not clear then the best idea is to go to a doctor to have an open and honest discussion with them about what’s happening.

How to Stop it

There are a few steps which men can take to stop erectile dysfunction from ruining their love lives and having a negative impact on other areas of their lives.

  • Talk – Relationship problems that go left unspoken about will cause underlying tension between the couple.  This tension and stress can easily become the cause of ED.  If there is a problem, rather than sweeping it under the carpet it is better to talk about exactly what is bothering the person.  The release of tension while doing so can work wonders for the sex life.
  • Check medicationsSome medications may have a side-effect of causing impotence. It is more likely that new medications will cause a change in erection function, but it is quite possible that medication which a man has been taking for a considerable amount of time could also be the cause.  Changes within the body could be affected by the medication differently than before and bring about a new side effect.  If men are concerned that the root of the problem is indeed prescription drugs, then they should see their doctor who may be able to prescribe something similar that does not carry the same side effects.
  • Stop having sex – A popular technique suggested by sex therapists is to tell the couple to abstain completely from having intercourse and instead just cuddle in bed.  This eliminates any pressure either party might feel to have sex, relaxing them.  By still having intimate contact with each other, the couples get the emotional intimacy that they have from sex without any of the pressure of having to perform.  This relaxed atmosphere gently builds confidence over time and eventually the couples will begin to have sex again without the boundaries of performance anxiety.
  • Try something new – Men who have been in a relationship for a long period of time might feel as though they are stuck in a routine.  Whilst the act of sex is still pleasurable to them, it may also feel as though it is more out of habit than desire sometimes.  These feelings, even if the men haven’t quite admitted to feeling them, can have a serious impact on erection quality.  Being more spontaneous, perhaps by having sex at a different time in the day, or going away somewhere to a nice hotel can be beneficial to add a bit of spice to the bedroom.  Acting out fantasies with each other shows great trust in one another and can be a great way to boost the sex life.

Herbs for Erectile DysfunctionNatural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction: Male Enhancement Supplements

If none of the above suggestions have worked, then natural male enhancement supplements should be the next logical step for men.  Pills such as Rizer XL use only 100% natural ingredients to enhance sexual performance in men.

In relation to ED, the pills are able to force blood into the erection chambers along the shaft of the penis to achieve strong erections whenever necessary.  The supplements are taken daily in order for men to be “good to go” whenever the occasion arises.  This is a much better alternative to the chemical forms of such pills which have to be taken shortly before sexual intercourse in order for them to work.  Not only do natural pills keep the spontaneity alive, but they have no side-effects either, making them a safe and effective natural cure for erectile dysfunction.