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Penis Enhancement Pills – Variations Unveiled

Penis enhancement pills add a large number of benefits to having sexual relations in the bedroom. They don’t all do the same things, though. There are a number of important variations to take into account when looking for the right product. High quality brands, such as Rizer XL, will differ from the lower quality brands currently on the market. Not only is it important for getting the best products, knowing the variations is important for making sure the product bought is entirely safe to use. Read on to find out more about the key variations between all the different products on the market.


Herbal EnhancementThe key difference comes in the form of the ingredients used within the various blends. To split it into two categories, there are the products which utilize man-made substances and ones that use herbal blends. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately what customers want to be looking at are the herbal products.

Herbal products are taken directly from well-known substances in use for thousands of years. Some of the products are taken from Chinese herbal medicine, whereas others are taken from the tribes of the Amazonian Rain forest. These items have sustained their societies for so long and countless studies have demonstrated how safe they are.

Man-made products are manufactured in factories and then blended together to make a penis enhancement pill. They are taken from modern science and a lot of them are still fairly experimental. It’s not the substances themselves which cause problems, it’s just a lot of the combinations haven’t yet being tested, so scientists and customers alike are still in the dark as to how they work.


It might seem obvious, but the prices do differ wildly. It’s all down to the differences in sourcing the items. Herbal blends are taken from all over world. Many products will use a rare ingredient or two, which will naturally send the costs spiraling upwards. Man-made chemical products can be manufactured on home soil without any problems. The only real costs come in the form of the various industrial processes and transportation for suppliers and customers.

As a general rule of thumb, herbal products will be much more expensive than their chemical counterparts. People on a budget often have trouble affording the subscription packages marketed by suppliers of herbal blends.


The safety of penis enhancement products has been called into question at various times over the past few decades. Some people still believe all of these products are dangerous and shouldn’t be used. In part, the fear is warranted since some rogue products on the market have been known to cause significant problems.

Chemical blends should be avoided at all costs because they carry the biggest risks. Chemical combinations are still relatively untested, and so far no chemical blends have been found to be completely safe. Notable problems include; infertility, nausea, and stomach cramps, amongst countless others. When it comes to the health and well-being of something as sensitive as the penis it’s just not worth the risk.

Herbal blends are much safer and have been used for thousands of years. Unlike their chemical counterparts, herbal products have been tested repeatedly. The ingredients have been tested on their own and have all come back as positive. In response to these positive results, medical professionals have put their reputations on the line by endorsing the high quality products, such as Rizer XL. It’s a big step to take for registered health professionals because if something goes wrong they are going to see their professional reputations go down the drain. Since they have taken this massive step, it’s a sign of confidence in the product itself.

Overall, when it comes to the variations in safety there’s only one winner. Herbal blends win the day every time since they are not within the experimental stage. Chemical products are too experimental and are just not worth the risk. Furthermore, there are rogue brands attempting to take advantage of this mist by peddling their faulty products to customers. The only saving grace is the male health community excommunicates them within a matter of weeks as the news spreads like wildfire.

Their Functions

Happy ManBelieve it or not, penis enhancement products encompass a wide range of different treatment options. Viagra would come under the category of enhancement, but they are not like some products which have a severe impact on sexual endurance. The variations are clear to see when it comes down to the things they can do. Some of the high quality brands, such as Rizer XL, target multiple areas, but most of them mainly aim for just one area.

Some of the areas that male enhancement products target include:

  • Providing an increased level of sexual endurance in the bedroom.
  • Giving users the opportunity to develop harder erections, and subsequently a more pleasurable feeling.
  • Larger erections. This isn’t the same as having a larger penis; it’s merely increasing the size of the erection in the same manner as a penis pump.
  • More intense orgasms.
  • A larger amount of sperm being ejaculated.