Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

There have not been a lot of truly effective medications for the treatment of premature ejaculation in the past.  Recent research is beginning to show some improvements on the medication front, as well as some promising natural or herbal remedies.

Many men can be taught behavioral techniques that work well with premature ejaculation, but some are unsuccessful with this. You might also belong to a subset of men who have had a lifelong problem or didn’t improve like you wanted from the techniques.

Premature Ejaculation Cure

Creams–Using creams to help desensitize the penis has been tried since the mid 1940s with mixed results.  Basically a cream is topically placed on the head of the penis that causes a general anesthetic experience.  Most of these creams contain lidocaine or benzocaine.  It might also affect your partner’s anatomy as well.  Some have used condoms with the chemical inside or have placed the cream in a condom and found that it helps with premature ejaculation.  It will be worth your time to at least try these methods of applying topical applications

Antidepressants (SSRI)–since the 1990s some have taken SSRI medicines to help with premature ejaculation.   This was after the introduction of the SSRIs for depression with noticeable sexual problems as major side effects of these drugs. (Including delayed ejaculation).  At this time, most of these drugs are not yet approved for treatment for premature ejaculation by the FDA or the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).  Also, the drug companies have not wanted to market the drugs for premature ejaculation—however with more openness in our culture it might lead to a reversal of this view.  By the way, there is one SSRI that has been approved by the EMEA in Europe with good results in research for premature ejaculation.  That drug is called Dapoxetine.  All of this means that in the near future these drugs might be more widely used for actual treatment of premature ejaculation—however there are a number of other side effects that can happen with some of these drugs.  Side effects that are severe and detrimental should be avoided.

Natural Medicines/Herbal Approaches for Premature Ejaculation

Another alternative to pills and creams is a new product that will help with premature ejaculation.  The product has been used in the treatment of premature ejaculation with a treatment that has all natural ingredients.  This product has over 16 herbs and natural ingredients that are thought to slow down ejaculation.

There are a variety of treatments for premature ejaculation. Some men are able to use behavioral techniques for help, and some men take some medications known as SSRIs.  However there might be an alternative that is made of more natural ingredients. That product is called Rizerxl and you can read about it here: .