Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation vs. Deficient Ejaculation – What’s the Difference?


There are many different kinds of performance trouble men face every day. For many men, the issues they deal with are surrounding ejaculation. While many men know about and understand premature ejaculation, they don’t have the same level of understanding for deficient ejaculation, even though it, too, plagues thousands every year.  In fact, many men who are actually suffering Couplewith deficient ejaculation spend a lot of time, energy and money on treatments designed for other forms of sexual dysfunction. Here we’ll examine each of these common problems as well as common treatments.

Premature Ejaculation – A Brief Overview

Simply put, premature ejaculation is exactly what it sounds like. It is a condition where men ejaculate too quickly after they begin to have active, penetrative sex. The term ‘too quickly’ is defined differently depending on who you ask but typically anything under two minutes is considered ‘too quickly’. This is a problem which men have struggled with for generations and one which many men experience from time to time. While occasional bouts are nothing serious to worry about, a chronic issue with ejaculating too quickly can put an incredible amount of stress on a man as well as on his intimate and emotional relationship with his partner. Chronic problems can even indicate possible underlying health concerns and this is what ultimately prompts many men into seeking out professional advice.

Deficient Ejaculation – A Unique Challenge

Deficient ejaculation, on the other hand, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. With deficient ejaculation, men find that they are simply unable to reach orgasm or, when they do, the release is inadequate. This problem affects couples in a number of different ways. Many men who suffer with deficient ejaculation will have to carry on having sex for 30 minutes or more after their partner has already reached orgasm. While this may seem like the best problem to have, in fact, carrying on with sexual activity for so long can result in physical pain and emotional stress. For the female partner, once she has achieved orgasm her body will naturally stop producing lubrication. As the sexual activity goes on, she will become increasingly raw and uncomfortable. For the man, the problem on such a delay is not only physical but also mental or emotional as he feels the pressure to ‘hurry up and finish’. The end result is a sexual encounter that leaves both partners wishing they hadn’t bothered.

Uncommon Problems With a Common Solution

Although deficient and premature ejaculation exist on opposite ends of the spectrum, they often share psychological roots. As a result, many of their more common treatments are the same or similar in varying degrees.

One of the most common treatments for both is to make a positive change with regards to diet and exercise. A healthy diet filled with fresh, leafy green vegetables and raw fruit can make a surprising impact on the overall health of a man. Increasing exercise can also help with the physical aspect of the problem and exercise also encourages dopamine to be released in the body. This all natural hormone is instrumental in helping with everything from improving the mood to enhancing creative skills.

Other common treatments for both include therapy to discuss sexual problems one on one and also couples therapy so that each partner is able to resolve their issues as they arise. Talk therapy can be especially helpful to clear the air and move past the resentment and anger that can build over time as a result of sexual dysfunction.

Both premature and deficient ejaculation affect thousands of men on a regular basis. Although each one is incredibly common, many men still feel isolated and alone when they begin to struggle with these issues. Luckily, each of these are conditions which can usually be cured or managed through diet, exercise and generally healthy physical and emotional living. This means the power is ultimately in the hands of each and every man who realizes that he must make positive change and reach out for help in order to improve his own sex life as well as the experience for his partner.