Male Enhancement

Quick Tips for Improving Penis Size and Appearance, Naturally

Rizer XL is not strictly designed to increase penis size. Part of the effect of the product will lead to larger erections as it facilitates more blood flow to the erection itself, literally making the user harder and longer than without the male enhancement supplement. However, it is also possible to undertake a number of lifestyle changes that will complement the effects of Rizer XL, ensuring a larger appearance at all times.

  • The individual’s weight affects how the penis appears. There is no hard and fast rule regarding penis size and how it pertains to the individual’s weight. However, figures indicate that being around thirty pounds overweight can reduce the apparent size of the penis by an inch. This is caused by fat building around the pelvic bone, and in effect does not give the individual the opportunity to display themselves to their true potential. The thicker this layer of fat, the more of the penis is hidden under it. Losing the weight will ensure that the whole penis will be on the outside, greatly increasing the apparent length.
  • Certain exercises are known to increase the appearance of the penis. They do not actually increase the length of the penis, but a number of techniques, particularly those that focus on the pelvic floor, will increase the muscle strength at the base of the penis. Unlike the growth of fat disguising the true length of the penis, increased muscle strength will serve to both enhance the overall appearance and naturally improve sexual performance, allowing the individual to get the most out of a supplement such as Rizer XL.
  • It is always worth carrying out a little grooming. In the same way that fat can cover a significant part of the base of the penis the same can be true of pubic hair. These tips are all about the illusion or perception of the penis’ length, and trimming the pubic hair can have a profound effect. If an individual has pubic hair that is around an inch long, then trimming it to half the size not only looks tidier and often more attractive, but will also add around half an inch to the perceived length of the penis.

It is important to remember that while Rizer XL can do wonders for both the appearance and performance of the penis individuals who truly want to supercharge their sex life can work on other areas, such as those above. Doing so in conjunction with male enhancement pills, the overall effect can be profound. This is particularly the case for those who derive self-confidence from the appearance of their penis.