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Rizer XL Discusses the Importance of L-Arginine for Male Enhancement

L-Arginine is an amino acid naturally found in humans that is utilized by the body for a variety of reasons including battling infections, controlling hormones, and aiding in the healing process. Recently the makers of Rizer XL discussed L-arginine and its usefulness as an ingredient in their male enhancement formula.

Rizer XL Discusses the Importance of L-Arginine for Male Enhancement

New York, NY – November 1, 2012 – Rizer XL, makers of the well-known male enhancement supplement, recently discussed the importance of L-arginine as an ingredient in their once daily supplement. The company went to great lengths to explain what L-arginine is, what it does, and why it’s included in their formula.

L-Arginine, known simply as “arginine” in the scientific community, is a semi-essential amino acid normally produced by the human body.  A classification of “semi-essential” indicates that most people, under normal circumstances, produce enough of the amino acid on their own, through their normal diets. But in cases where this doesn’t happen, supplemental L-arginine must be added to the diet through specific types of foods or dietary supplements.

In relation to male enhancement, a lack of L-arginine could be a contributing factor to unsatisfactory performance in the bedroom. When the body doesn’t manufacture enough of the amino acid on its own blood flow is inhibited, the proper balance of hormones is thrown off, and anxiety is likely to increase. All of these things can definitely affect a man’s sexual performance.

Adding supplemental L-arginine to the diet can help in two ways. First, by encouraging the penis to absorb more blood and increasing the sex drive, men have an increased ability to obtain and maintain rock hard erections. Second, the return of balanced hormones reduces anxiety and the negative effects that come from it.

Rizer XL is one of the few male enhancement formulas to include L-arginine along with other natural ingredients proven to be effective in helping men overcome a variety of sexual dysfunction issues. Some of the other ingredients in the formula include horny goat weed, vitamin B3, and hawthorn berry.

Men suffering from any sort of sexual dysfunction should look into the possibility that Rizer XL might be helpful. Rizer XL is an effective supplement useful for premature ejaculation, low ejaculate volume, lower than normal libido, soft erections, and lack of stamina and endurance. The formula is made using only natural ingredients so it is completely safe.

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