Sexual Performance

Some Interesting Sex Statistics

Dealing with sexual problems is embarrassing, and many men think they’re alone.  After all, it’s not like guys sit around and talk about their premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or their inability to satisfy their lover.  No, very few men talk about these problems, even with their doctor.  But you’d be surprised as just how many men do encounter these problems.

In the US, a survey shows that at least 30 million men have had to deal with some type of erectile dysfunction, and many are on some form of treatment for it.  While many are older men, some younger men with poor blood circulation have erectile dysfunction as well.

By the time a man enters his 30s, most cannot get erections that were as strong as they were when the man was 20.  It’s estimated that 96% of all men have weaker erections after turning 30.

Very, very few men have the longest, hardest erection they could have.  In fact, 99% of all men could have a harder or longer erection.  This is because few men get the full amount of blood flow to their penis.

At least 67% of all women say they’re unsatisfied with their partner’s sexual performance.  Also, more than 90% of all women say they don’t achieve orgasm during sex.  If you want to satisfy her, you need to look at ways of increasing your sexual performance.  There are a number of ways to do this.  Stop smoking, cut back on drinking alcohol, and hit the gym.

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