The ABCs of Male Enhancement

The ABCs of Male Enhancement

It’s the ABC list made just for men and their sexual well-being. Here we’ll trip through the alphabet and learn about how men can get healthier, happier and better between the sheets.

A is for Abstinence – Looking for a way to really amp up your sex life? Try going without for awhile. Giving up sex in favor of non-sexual ways to show your care for your partner will ignite your desire and lead to some hot and heavy extended foreplay.

The ABCs of Male EnhancementB is for Body – As in, take care of the one you have! Exercise, diet and healthy habits will all have you feeling good in and out of the bedroom.

C is for Control – Practicing control during masturbation can help you last longer and increase stamina.

D is for Diet – Skip the fast food and opt instead for lean meat, fresh veg and raw fruit. Eating healthily will keep you looking good and can also improve your semen production, help you to achieve harder erections and improve your sexual performance.

E is for Erection – Plenty of men want to find ways to have harder erections. Eating right and exercising both help with blood flow which can deliver the goods while improving your overall health.

F is for Fitness – The best way to improve sexual performance is to get toned and fit. Regular exercise can help with stamina, strength, endurance and flexibility – all of which contribute to amazing performance.

G is for G-Spot – Often referred to as The Holy Grail but, luckily, easier to find. Do some homework and learn how to find that spot on your partner and you’ll instantly become the best she’s ever had.

H is for Hers – As in Her Satisfaction. Putting your partner’s satisfaction first not only makes you a better lover, it builds your sexual self-confidence and can do wonders for your relationship. It’s the saucy secret behind the old saying ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life.”

I is for Impotence – Impotence affects millions of men every year. Luckily, the condition is usually temporary and a change in diet, increasing exercise and reducing stress are all effective ways to treat and prevent the condition.

J is for Juice – Want to give your sexual performance a boost? Add a glass of fresh orange juice to your morning routine. You can mix it up with any other fruits that pack a punch with plenty of antioxidants, such as berries, pomegranates or any other citrus fruit.

K is for the Kama Sutra – No matter how great your current technique is, getting some pointers definitely couldn’t hurt. There are thousands of sex manuals in print today but few offer the range and expertise offered in this ancient Indian classic.

L is for Libido – Your libido may change over time but the best way to keep it up, so to speak, is to keep sex (and life) fun and stress-free. Adopt healthier habits to boost your physical libido and keep your relationship fresh for an extra boost.

M is for Masturbation – Masturbation has a ton of health benefits. Regular masturbation can boost your body’s immunity, helps keep prostate cancer at bay and can give your sex life a boost since it helps you better control when you orgasm and letting your fantasies run wild can lead to new ideas to try with your partner!

N is for Nutrition – Improving your diet and including plenty of leafy green vegetables and fresh, raw fruit can do more than just trim your waste. A healthy diet can boost your libido and help you perform better in bed.

OrgasmO is for Orgasm – Yours AND hers! Postponing your orgasm will not only make you a more considerate lover, it also helps to make it more intense when you finally let go.

P is for Prostate Exam – This definitely doesn’t rank high on the list for fun ways to spend your afternoon, but this simple exam takes less than 5 minutes and can literally save your life.

Q is for Quality – Don’t worry about how much sex you’re having. Instead, focus on the quality. Making each encounter better than the last is the best way to make the most out of it even when you don’t get to have it as often.

R is for Relaxation – Stress is the ultimate libido killer. Go for a jog, work out with weights or hit the go-kart race course – whatever it takes to blow off some steam.

S is for Supplements – Worried you’re not getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to boost your performance? There are plenty of specially formulated supplements that can help with everything from getting harder erections to treating premature ejaculation.

T is for Technique – No matter what your size or ability, developing a good technique will let you showcase your talents. Identify your best moves and do some research on different styles of lovemaking.

U is for Urinary Health – Perhaps not the sexiest sounding entry on this list, but one of the most important. Taking care of everything ‘down below’ means seeing a urologist and consulting with your doctor as you get older. Preventive care and regular exams will keep you in tip top shape and ready for action.

V is for Vibration – Newer adult toys like vibrating jelly rings you wear at the base of your penis can enhance the experience for you both. The ring itself will help you last longer while delivering mind blowing vibrations to you both.

W is for Walking – Studies show that a simple 15 minute walk each day can improve heart health, lung function and enhance your mood.

X is for X-rated – Using porn or other visual stimuli during foreplay can be a fun addition to sex games. Talk to your partner about what she enjoys and experiment with different ideas. Even if they aren’t a hit, you’ll have fun trying different things.

Y is for Yoga – Yoga can be a great way to relieve stress and get limber. It’s easy to find yoga routines designed for beginners as well as for people who aren’t naturally flexible. Add some mellow music and incense and you’ll be recreating your college days.

Z is for Zoo – Plenty of studies have researched the role our animal instincts play in human sexuality. Get in touch with yours by getting a bit sweaty before and during sex. Sweat releases natural pheromones women are designed to be attracted to and the increase in activity will release feel good endorphins in your body a well – it’s a win win!