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The Best Sex Of Your Life

Best Sex of Your Life

In recent years, science has been teasing open the secrets of sexual arousal and satisfaction. Studies are uncovering the complex interactions between brain and body that lead to feelings of pleasure and fulfillment, including the important role of male enhancement supplements. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of individual variation, but studies are revealing trends and practices that just may result in the best sex of a man’s life.

Best Sex of Your LifeThe optimal sexual frequency for men, where they are reaping the greatest physical and emotional benefits from sex, appears to be four or more times a week. While it is possible for a man who enjoys rough sex to have too much and cause strain or injury, for most men there doesn’t seem to be an upper limit to sexual frequency. But having too little sex has many negative health consequences for men, including negative indications for their heart and prostate health.

Men are at their highest testosterone levels first thing in the morning, leading to enhanced sexual appetite and desire. In addition, if they’ve had a good night’s sleep, they are relaxed and have lower stress than any other time of day, which improves performance. For most men, the best sex is had between 6 and 8am.

Male sex hormones are in their peak production at 18 years of age. While many women would attest that hormone production isn’t indicative of performance, the truth is that as a man ages, his refractory period gets progressively longer and his hormone production decreases. This naturally decreasing hormone production can often be amended by adding a male enhancement supplement. However, recent studies have shown that men report their peak sexual satisfaction at 33, so some things do get better with age.

While many of the health benefits men can reap from sex are tied to ejaculation alone, studies have shown that the most satisfying sex is achieved with a partner. Sexual intercourse, as opposed to masturbation, releases more of the positive hormones associated with orgasm, and therefore creates a greater sense of contentment. In fact, there may even be some health risks associated with frequent masturbation in younger men. A man’s best sex is with a partner.

Many men report that taking a male enhancement supplement contributes to greater sexual satisfaction, by working to increase libido, create harder erections, and give greater stamina.

But what kind of partner? Studies show that men reach orgasm sooner and ejaculate more volume with a new partner, which might indicate that pursuing new relationships is the key to great sex. And yet surveys also reveal that most men are more satisfied and fulfilled by being in a long-term relationship. In fact, a recent study seems to indicate that emotional intimacy is just as important to men as to women, if not more so. There are many reasons for these different responses. On the one hand, sex with a new partner may be the culmination of a process of teasing and pursuing; the sense of conquest when the relationship is finally consummated may boost a man’s self-esteem and sexual desire.

Ejaculating more quickly and with greater volume may be a response to the increased sperm competition that is lacking in an established relationship. On the other hand, an established relationship may be more comfortable and emotionally connected than a new one, and lead to sexual encounters that don’t have any of those first-time jitters and performance anxiety. Men in long-term relationships also tend to live longer and have sex more frequently and happily until later in life. From a scientific perspective, serial monogamy may be the way to go; establish a relationship and stay with a single partner for 6-7 years, when female sexual desire statistically begins to wane. Then repeat.

So, science would have us believe that a man’s ultimate sexual experience is at 7am, when he’s 33 years old, after having had sex no more than 48 hours before. In addition, he should be taking a male enhancement supplement and be with a partner in an established relationship, but perhaps not a relationship that is much older than 6 years.

However, studies aside, the truth is that men of all ages are having great sex, at any time of day, with a wide variety of frequency. In many ways, for many men, the sex they’re having right now feels like the best sex of their lives.