Stop Premature Ejaculation

The Effects Premature Ejaculation Has On a Relationship

Numerous experts around the world believe that Premature Ejaculation (PE) affects one third of all men on some level.  Many experts say that the term premature ejaculation is used for men who ejaculate either before their partner has climaxed, before they enter or shortly after vaginal entry on a regular occurrence.

In reality, while the man may portray the symptoms of premature ejaculation, both partners suffer because of it.  In some cases, if PE is left untreated, it can destroy relationships.


Men who suffer from premature ejaculation or rapid ejaculation often feel a sense of shame.  One study showed that 88% of men thought it was of the upmost importance that they satisfy their partners during sex.  This pressure to perform well can often be an important contributor to PE itself.

The embarrassment of early ejaculating for some men can lead to feelings of unworthiness.  They may find themselves panicking about having sex with their partners and withdraw from initiating sexual contact.  After a prolonged period of acting in this way, many men may start to fear infidelity on their partner’s part.  This can quickly grow to paranoia and deteriorate a relationship rapidly.

Feelings of guilt and shame will easily overspill into other aspects of a PE sufferer’s life.  If they feel devalued in their relationship, they may feel the same way at work or socially and neglect to take part fully in events.  Of course this can lead underachieving, adding further fuel to the thought process that the man is worthless.  Once this cycle begins, all problems quickly become heightened.


For a woman whose partner has symptoms of premature ejaculation, there are many different reactions.  Some women will admit to being unhappy with their sex lives as a result of premature ejaculation but will find it hard to communicate with their partners on the matter.  Many women state that they are worried about making the situation worse by openly admitting that PE is causing them to feel unsatisfied.

This lack of communication can eventually lead to an unexpected end of a relationship.  If the couple are unable to talk about the problem, it is quite easy for the woman to misinterpret the man’s silence on the subject because of his shame or embarrassment to mean that in fact it does not bother him at all.  Women who are of this view will often display emotions of anger and frustration.  In most cases like this, the man will undoubtedly recognise his partner’s anger and, because of the lack of communication, he will misunderstand the reasoning behind it and simply assume that she is angry about the premature ejaculation itself and not his seemingly unwillingness to resolve the problem.  When this happens, it is very probable that the dysfunction will worsen due to even higher levels of anxiety.

Other women with partner’s who have ceased to initiate sex because of their fear of PE, will often misinterpret this again and assume that the man does not find them sexually attractive anymore.  This in turn will have negative effects on the woman’s self-esteem and again, the relationship will deteriorate rapidly due to both parties dealing with incredibly low self-confidence.  If the relationship ends, it is likely that these low confidence levels may manifest themselves in future relationships, as neither person will appreciate where the feelings of the other stemmed from and they may continue to blame themselves for what has happened.

Both men and women who are in relationships where premature ejaculation is apparent,  say that they feel low intimacy levels, and that this is one of the main effects which they feel has the most negative impact.


In actual fact there are many premature ejaculation treatments that are used successfully by millions of men across the globe. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation due to high levels of anxiety may find that simply talking to their partner openly about their concerns will actually decrease their anxiety considerably and enable them to last longer.  This will in turn, give them confidence and start them on the path to a happier sex life.

For those whose problem is more severe, there is a number of male health supplements designed to combat some of the main causes of premature ejaculation.  There are two types:

  • Prescription drugs – In some cases of premature ejaculation the doctor may prescribe chemical supplements to be taken daily to improve a man’s performance sexually.  Because of the nature of these pills, it is dangerous to take them without consulting a doctor first.  They cannot be used by men with heart conditions or in conjunction with some other drugs.
  • Natural pills – There are also herbal premature ejaculation pills that contain natural extracts which work alongside the body to produce the desired effect.  A good premature ejaculation pill will come side effect free.

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