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The Mysteries of the Male Libido

The male psyche and libido are two of the most misunderstood things about men in relation to sexual performance. Each one impacts the other in ways that can be both good and bad. For example, a man with an exceptional libido can have very healthy attitudes toward sex and can be confident in his performance in the bedroom. By the same token, a man who lacks self-confidence can suffer to the extent that it squelches his libido. When both the psyche and the libido are in tune, watch out.

LibidoWhat Exactly is a “Libido”

In a purely clinical sense the libido is defined as a person’s desire for sexual activity. The strength of that desire is different between the sexes and different individuals. It’s generally thought that men have stronger libidos than women, but that assumption may only be due to how the two sexes define satisfying sexual activity. In either case, libido is typically stronger in the earlier stages of adulthood with its peak between the mid-20s and 30s.

It’s important to note that libido is the result of a combination of psychological and chemical reactions occurring within the human body. Things like age, stress, emotional trials, and medications can interrupt both the psychological and chemical components, thus reducing libido. These reductions can be both short and long term.

In men, a reduced libido can be extremely devastating as it tends to be one way they measure their masculinity. When a man’s libido remains strong he feels good about himself; when it falters his self-image drops right along with it.

TestosteroneThe Testosterone Factor

In terms of the chemical processes in the male body, testosterone is one of the main ingredients to a healthy libido. Testosterone stimulates both the physical reproductive system as well as the innate desire among men to engage in sexual activity. When testosterone levels drop the natural libido tends to drop with it. That’s why men who have had their prostate removed as a result of cancer usually loose all or most of their sexual desire.

If men can keep testosterone levels from dropping drastically they increase the chances of keeping their libido strong. A nutritional supplement containing ingredients like tribulus terrestris can help. Tribulus terrestris is an herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s been known to help increase testosterone production without causing hormonal imbalances.

Stress and LibidoThe Stress Factor

On the psychological side, one of the biggest killers of the male libido is stress. Stress at home, on the job, and just from life in general weighs on a man’s psyche and keeps his mind occupied with things that prevent him from enjoying the sexual experience. When that happens desire is reduced, performance is affected, and relationships suffer. Relieving stress and permanently removing it from one’s life is one way to help bring back a failing libido.

It goes without saying that stress can be best managed by eliminating stressful circumstances when feasible, learning how to take time to relax, and learning how to leave stressful situations behind when it’s not necessary to deal with them. But relieving stress can be helped with nutritional supplements that include ingredients which have a calming effect. The supplements typically also increase overall energy and endurance at the same time.

The Science of Aphrodisiacs

Ancient medical practices have long believed in the use of aphrodisiacs among both men and women. Western science still questions whether or not this is a legitimate, but thousands of years of history lend credence to the viability of aphrodisiacs. Some of the more common substances used in Eastern medicine include ginseng, avocado, pomegranate juice, ginkgo biloba, oysters, saffron, watermelon, and yohimbine.

The advantage of using aphrodisiacs is their “localized” nature. In other words, if a couple knows they have the house to themselves one evening they can use aphrodisiacs throughout the day and be ready for sexual relations when they get home. The disadvantage of using them is the fact that the reactions they produce are typically short-lived. To achieve the maximum effect from some experts suggest combining aphrodisiacs with a daily supplement that deals with testosterone and stress issues.

Balance Is the Key

Based on decades of research it seems reasonable to conclude that balance is the key to a strong libido and psyche. Men need to live healthy lives, get plenty of rest and exercise, and supplement when age begins to slow down the natural production of testosterone. They also need to learn ways to cope with stress and remove as much of it from their lives as possible. When these two things are achieved, the psyche remains healthy as does the libido.

A balanced life has other benefits for male sexual performance as well. It helps to reduce the likelihood of obesity and heart disease, both of which reduce blood circulation and can contribute to erectile dysfunction. A balanced lifestyle tends to increase energy and stamina which will, in turn, provide for better male performance in the bedroom. Lastly, a healthy lifestyle will usually attract the attention of a man’s partner, thus making their shared sexual experiences that much better.

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