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The Shocking Truth – Are Penis Enhancement Pills Really Safe?

Penis enhancement pills have been around of a long time now. The most well-known product is going to be Viagra as it can be bought all around the world and has made millions on the male health market. There are other products that can do more than just increase the length of time that a man can maintain an erection, though. Rizer XL is just one of those high quality brands of pill that have come on to the market over the years, but are they safe and do they work?

Harmful Chemicals

100% NaturalThe main argument against the use of penis enhancement pills is the harmful chemicals that are often found within some of the brands that appear on the market. It’s true that these pills do exist and they can cause serious issues as they may be using harmful substances or things that are actually illegal. Brands that do possess these chemicals are often based overseas. There’s very little regulation in these territories, which means that they can produce products like these without legal repercussions. Don’t worry about these brands as users can be sure that they don’t stick around the long. The word gets out quickly about these rogue brands and they quickly disappear.

The pills that do work and don’t cause any harm, though, are different. They are different because of the ingredients they use. Any genuine pill won’t be using any chemicals at all, at least not in the conventional sense. High quality penis enhancement products, such as Rizer XL, opt for herbal blends. Herbal blends are made up of substances that can be found by just going to a specific part of the world and harvesting it. They are blended in a specific way, but none of the harmful substances that can cause impotence or erection issues are present.

Instant Impact

Few pills are able to provide all of those key benefits upon the first dosage. The only way to do this, most of the time, is through those potentially harmful substances. Any product that claims to be able to provide crucial advantages right away are dangerous as this just isn’t feasible. The body needs time to adapt to what it’s taking in. Harmful chemicals force the body into doing something, whereas herbal blends will coerce it into changing over a few doses.

The difference is certainly very subtle. Most of the high quality brands will work after only a few doses. There’s nothing wrong with this and it’s perfectly safe to do as the body is used to adapting to an environment or the presence of something new very quickly.

Allergic Reactions

There have been cases of people suffering from allergic reactions before, even when destructive chemicals weren’t involved in the incident. What does have to be remembered about these cases, however, is that these are isolated incidents and are not due to the product and the things that happen to make it up. If a user is allergic to something specific then it’s up to them to make sure that they don’t purchase something that has one of those specific substances within them. This is not the fault of the product it’s the fault of the buyer.

Actions and Doings

Certain groups of people point to the fact that what the pills aim to do is unnatural. Yes, taking a pill is unnatural as it’s not something that humans were programmed to do. The principle is the same as taking an aspirin to cure a headache, though, it’s not natural. The point is that whilst it’s unnatural it’s also completely safe.

The beauty of many of these products is that the ones that work are merely encouraging natural processes to take hold. If a man’s erection has become unappealing and disappointing then it could be due to the fact that, with age, their blood vessels within the penis have constricted. Blood flow is the key to a good erection. Now, if the individual took one of these herbal pills, such as Rizer XL, then the blood vessels would be encouraged to open up again to allow the flow of blood through. That’s taking advantage of a natural process to increase the pleasure that can be gained from an erection.

The same thing applies to products that claim to increase libido. Remember, many of the products used are actually well-known aphrodisiacs. They’ve been used for years and many of them even go back thousands of years when Chinese herbal medicine first came into being.

Doctors Pledge

The truth is that many doctors are now being steadily turned on to the idea of these penis enhancement treatments. Some have even decided to actually endorse them themselves and to have been featured on their website with their words. The fact of the matter is that there are far more dangerous products that doctors prescribe every day.

Clinical trials have also been carried out on many of the products and the individual ingredients. A whole host of results are now being published on the sites of the products so users can review them. Attitudes are changing when it comes to these male enhancement products.