Sex Tips

Things that Kill the Mood

Things seem to be going well: you’ve had dinner, now you’re back at her place.  You’ve been taking Rizer XL to make your erections incredibly hard and to give you more stamina.  You’ve been exercising, Things that Kill the Moodso you’ve got the energy and muscle to have great sex.  Best of all, she definitely seems interested.  She’s giving you all the signals and making it pretty clear she’s ready to have sex.  But then something happens that completely kills the mood and puts you back at square one.  Here are some things that might be responsible and what you can do make certain they don’t happen.

1)      A funky smell.  This includes body odor, bad breathe, and a weird smell in your apartment.  To deal with body odor, be sure you take a shower before your date and then apply deodorant and/or antiperspirant.  If you have overactive sweat glands, take a small travel-sided deodorant with you on the date.  If you feel like it’s becoming a problem, you can excuse yourself to the restroom and reapply.  For bad breathe, brush your teeth before you leave and take mints or gum with you.  Finally, clean your apartment and spray air freshener if you need to.  You can also light scented candles to both freshen the air and set the mood.

2)      She gets offended.  This one is more difficult to avoid than odd smells.  One popular rule of thumb is to avoid talking about religion and politics because plenty of arguments can come from those two topics.  On the other hand, you often want to at least get an idea of where the person stands, especially if it’s a first date.  Just tread lightly and if she appears to be getting defensive or upset, back away from the topic.

3)      You say or do something stupid.  Again, this can be difficult to avoid, but it’s a good idea to always think before you say something.  Don’t mention ex-girlfriends, obviously.  Don’t make negative comments on what she’s wearing or what she orders…basically, don’t be negative at all.  Try to take your cues from her, if possible.

4)      Not being able to get an erection.  This can be embarrassing and end the date on a sour note.  To avoid it, be sure to take Rizer XL.  It will help you overcome this problem plus enhance your and her sexual experience.