Sex Tips

Tips for Seducing Her

Using a male enhancement product like Rizer XL is a great way of making your love making that much hotter and more pleasurable for both of you. However, it could become a waste if you can’t get her in the moodTips for Seducing HerIf you’ve been having trouble seducing that special woman of yours, here are a few tips for getting her in the mood and in your bed.  Once you do, you and Rizer XL will make it so she never wants to leave.

5 Tips for Seducing Her

1 – Remember that women don’t think like men.  They want to be romanced, not taken straight to the bedroom.  Don’t even mention sex at first.  If it’s your first date, in fact, assume you won’t be getting any.  Otherwise, try turning on the charm.  Compliment her.  Bring her flowers.  Take it slow.

2 – When it does seem like she’s in the mood, don’t move too fast.  Don’t try to start taking her clothes off right away.  Instead, kiss her face, her neck, her hands…let her set the pace, if possible.  Even when the clothes start coming off, take your time.

3 – Show her that you’re not after sex.  Naturally, that may be what you want, but you need to make it seem like that’s the last thing on your mind.  Talk about things that interest both of you.  Make her laugh if you can.  Women love intelligent men with a sense of humor.  Try to keep the conversation on things you know she enjoys.  Don’t talk about your favorite positions or how you love having sex.  That’s not giving her a hint, it’s hitting her over the head with what you want, and it rarely works.

4 – Bring her a small gift.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to be something personal.  If she sees that you care enough about her to listen to what she likes and to get her a gift that reflects her interests and tastes, things will move along more quickly.

5 – Put her first.  Pleasure her and put her needs ahead of yours.  She will respond, especially if you make her feel like no one else ever has.  She will want more!  By taking Rizer XL, you’ll be able to last much longer and have the energy and stamina to make her feel amazing.